Nina Persson

Nina Persson

One of Sweden's biggest pop stars over the past decade doesn't need further introduction. Most people already know that after The Cardigans took over the world in the late nineties, her group A Camp was hailed by critics and Nina Persson has been on the covers of lifestyle magazines from Tokyo to New York. It has been almost five years since A Camp's most recent sign of life, and The Cardigans have not made a new album since 2005.

And since then, a lot has happened.

When you think about it, Nina Persson has actually always been the pop star who dared to do whatever she wants. In recent years, she performed in a cabaret in New York, started a family and made roots music with A Camp. She even took part in a documentary that themed around Dolly Parton's musical gift. But in the middle of it all, she became seriously ill, which of course no one expected. A few years ago Nina was diagnosed with cancer, which also contributed to her lengthy break from making music.
- When you get sick, it is dramatic and scary and hard. And afterwards you think it's over. But there's so much afterwards. I have really begun to love my life outside of work and have also learned to work in a way that makes it more joyful, says Nina Persson.

White Prism

White: The presence of all the wavelengths of visible light.

Prism: A transparent optical element that reflects images and refracts light.

These two words combine to define the sound of the new Johanna Cranitch project – White Prism. The Australian-born and NYC-based artist, has been surrounded by music since birth. It was her Hungarian grandfather, a jazz pianist, who gave her his blessing by declaring, "this one will be musical." And so, her musical journey began.

From her early upbringings in the esteemed Kodaly school of music, to the Gregorian chants that her father, a former Priest in training, brought to the table; Johanna was veered to the stage by her music loving parents. She was gracing the halls of the Sydney Opera House at the tender age of 9, and performing with the Opera Australia Children's Chorus. Opera was merely the beginning for this pop loving songstress. Her love of Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, and Wham! would influence her future leanings into dreamy, electro-pop songwriting.

Upon graduating from high school, Johanna enrolled in a vocal jazz program at the Australian Institute of Music, where she graduated with honors. After a stint of performing across Australia, Johanna landed in New York City. Once in New York, she found herself as a studio engineer at the prestigious Nola Recording Studios. It was during her time at Nola that she began writing and recording over 300 demos. These demos would eventually lead her to her first album and the shimmering sounds of her former project, Johanna and the Dusty Floor.

Johanna had navigated her way through every aspect of the music industry, and she had finally revealed herself as an artist worthy of acclaim. She would soon find herself crisscrossing the globe, including a world tour with The Cranberries, as well as performing at Autre Magazine's (James Franco and Adarsha Benjamin's publication) Paris launch. However, she was constantly shifting and shaping her sound along the way. The Dusty Floor had given birth to a new sound. Her ethereal, "Kate Bush-inspired huskyisms", as described by Time Out magazine, had crystallized into the electro-pop chicness that is White Prism.



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