Final Trigger is a band that comes along once in a lifetime. As the innovators of “Skrap-Metal”, their music combines high-energy metal with a hip-hop feel. The band creates a unique sound and a sick vibe, with vocal hooks and anthem choruses that are un-deniable to any listener.

Final Trigger’s story begins on ‘The Block’, nestled deep in Toronto’s urban jungle. Crime and poverty stricken, amongst a haven of thugs and deadbeats, four musically talented characters cross paths..
The spark of a lighter in a dark alley, smoking joints over the talk of escape and rebellion. A dream of a better life, where money/weed/bitches are a plenty. Free-styling with homies, rolling dirty, and dropping out of school to jam and pursue music. Most of all: a pact that would bind each member to a common cause, and entwine their fates forever. These are the fundamentals on which Final Trigger was born, and would lead it to become what it is today.

The Four Horsemen:
Lead Vocalist/Guitarist J-Roc provides the guitar-driven structures and shredding guitar solos with a tone reminiscent of Dimebag Darrell and Dave Mustaine. All while ripping vocal screams that would rival a Frankenstein of Lamb Of God, Snot and Hed PE.
Bass-man/Vocalist Fazio brings an equally heavy but funky vibe. He plays with a rock-solid presence and slap-bass style, with influences of Cliff Burton and Marcus Miller combined. Not to mention the ability to free-style vocally as if James Brown joined the Wu Tang Clan.
DJ/Vocalist Profit brings the smooth hip-hop vibe to the music, spitting savvy rhymes with old-school swagger, and tasteful keys and scratches.
Drummer extraordinaire JJ Tartaglia contributes the backbone beats and rhythms with a metal/funk style to get the groove just right. Blazing double kicks, sky-high cymbals, and a visual style unlike you’ve ever seen.

These players are the magical combination that makes Final Trigger an all-star line-up, and 2nd to none. The band believes hard in their music, and are proud to live their lyrics and image.

In 2009, Final Trigger released “Skrap Metal” (Boonsdale Records), mixed by Jagori Tanna of I Mother Earth. The release received critical acclaim in Canada & USA, charting on college radio, and the single “Start A Moshpit” receiving regular video rotation on Much Loud. Their CD release party in Toronto sold out the Opera House of 1,300 capacity.
Since then, Final Trigger have toured as direct support for Mushroomhead across the USA, and have shared the stage with such acts as Suicidal Tendencies, Marilyn Manson, Dillinger Escape Plan, Protest The Hero, Baptized In Blood, Hail The Villain, Threat Signal, Slaves On Dope, Agent Orange, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox and more.

“Skrap Metal Volume II” mixed by David Bottrill (Tool/Mudvayne/Stone Sour/Godsmack) is due for a summer 2013 release.

“We’re Final Trigger Mutha-******, We Ain’t Stoppin’”

Shotgun Cure is a 3-piece metal band formed in Toronto in 2007. Composed of Harut Savchenko on guitar and vocals, James Tulloch on bass and Kyle Lecourt on drums, the group has worked tirelessly since its inception to promote and tour within Canada, releasing two EPs and a pending full length record. Aggressive and sharp in sound while also providing a compelling dose of melody and rhythm, the band is always well received for their tenacious and highly energetic live performance. They continue to tour persistently in anticipation of the release of their debut LP, constantly striving to enlighten and remind the masses once again of a passion for live, raw progressive heavy music.

The Blackcloud Syndicate

Featuring former members of 90’s Toronto- area metal acts Absolute Zero and Endless, The Blackcloud Syndicate is a testament to the desire of five life-long friends to keep creating and sharing their aggressive vision for heavy music in the new millennium. The Syndicate brings a unique and varied musical approach incorporating the wide range of influences that each member brings to the band, while continuing to provoke thought and challenge convention with some of the best lyrics in the business.

After a long hiatus following Absolute Zero’s break-up in the mid-90s, Joe, Miko and Glenn returned to their love for creating heavy music together, adding long-time friends Graham Scott Anthony on guitar/ vocals and Shawn Davidson (formerly of Endless) on bass/ vocals. Together, they decided to rename to mark a fresh beginning with some new ideas of how to approach a band as “grown-ups”. After much debate, the band’s long-running nemesis/ mascot, the Black Cloud was incorporated into the name and The Blackcloud Syndicate was born.

Following several live performances with the likes of Toronto acts Redeemer and Phantom and Montreal’s BornBroken, the band entered Fortress New Media studios in April 2013 to begin recording their first new songs since the industry-only “Sign Us, You Bastards” demo from 1996. Officially released November 22nd, 2013, Rage in Common (the title of an unreleased Absolute Zero track set to appear on their never completed second album) is 5 songs (and one cover song) that were not intended to have a theme or concept, but somehow managed to share a connection. Drummer Glenn Novak weighs in:

“Rage in Common was suggested as a title by Miko, which we all liked. It gives a hook to our past without living in it, just like the name of the band. The more we thought about the themes of the songs, we realized that there is an underlying theme of anger in each of them- how we direct and express anger, how it impacts your health and choices, dealing with the anger that comes from loss. It ended up being a perfect title for the five original songs. The cover of ‘Rebel Yell’ was added on to the CD just for fun.”

Musically, the album combines the varied, aggressive influences of the band, from Shawn’s love of European Death Metal to Joe’s inclination for guitar-hero thrash, Miko’s affection for avant-garde, progressive heaviness to Glenn’s identification with hardcore, street metal and hip hop and even Graham’s background in alternative rock and pop. Fans of bands as diverse as Testament, Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Pro-Pain and The Dillinger Escape Plan will all find something to like about The Blackcloud Syndicate.

Rage in Common was released November 22nd and is available for sale through the Syndicate’s Bandcamp site as a digital download or via shipped CD (as well as direct sales at shows) and is now also available through iTunes and other digital music services. To kick off the promotion and buzz for the record, a limited number of 3-song promo CDs were distributed at the 2013 Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in July. The band returned to the stage November 29th for their EP release party as guests of Toronto’s Spewgore.

Niagara vocalist Joey Glacken has fused a solid cast of seasoned metal heads into his current project: wretchedpain. Initially conceived nearly a decade ago, wretchedpain pools its heavy talent from lead guitarist Sam Bean of Mithras, The Senseless, and formerly The Berzerker, drummer Kevin Talley of Daath, and formerly Chimaira, Misery Index and Dying Fetus, and bass player Dan Mackie of MDM and Defence Mechanism. The debut album "Congregation" was mixed and mastered by veteran Chris "Zeuss" Harris, producer of Hatebreed, Chimaira, Whitechapel, and Shadows Fall. Melding elements of death metal, tech metal, and grind with a heavy groove, sets wretchedpain apart from others. The band is true to its music, refuses to be ignored and is set to bring their brutal metal to the world.

In 2010 Wretchedpain unleashed it’s debut album upon the world and recruited a talented line-up to carry forward with an intense live show that has destroyed everything in it’s past. In late 2010 Cale Costello and Matt Grabon came onboard on drums and bass respectively( Both formerly of Niagara Falls based tech/death metal band Bathed in Blood). As well, they recently welcomed Aaron Guthridge on lead guitar whose shredding abilities are unmatched.

Having shared the stage with such acts as Napalm Death, The Last Felony and Threat Signal in 2011, Wretchedpain set forth on world domination and have conquered all in their path.

In 2012, Wretchedpain began writing their sophmore effort and will is currently working with Jean-Francois Dagenais of Kataklysm on the mixing and mastering. Throughout the writing process, Wretchedpain played many high profile shows and festivals alongside such national acts as Beneath the Massacre, Baptized in Blood, Revocation and A Life Once Lost and currently has opening slots for bands such as the Faceless and Cryptopsy.

The mainstream is getting heavier. The people are getting angrier. Dawn Vally is a band that reflects this. They don't believe in being silent because Metal is an "underground" genre. It is not and they aim to make sure everybody know it with headbanging, body rattling music that incorporates many different musical influences from progressive to southern rock.



Wacken Metal Battle Canada is a cross-Canada competition for metal bands. One band will rise above all others to represent their nation with highest honor and perform at the 2014 Wacken Festival in Germany. Doors: $10

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