Wacken Metal Battle Canada is a cross-Canada competition for metal bands. One band will rise above all others to represent their nation with highest honor and perform at the 2018 Wacken Festival in Germany.

Beg For Mercy is a 5 member post-hardcore heavy metal band. They are currently based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed in late 2011 by Mack Smith with a group of musicians who were also friends from his high school. Initially formed as a metalcore practice group the band gelled quickly and soon began writing and perfecting their own material. In early 2012 the band realized they had a complete set of rehearsed original music and a few personalized covers and it was time for them to “come out of the basement”.

Their first gig was in April 2012 at a downtown Toronto bar which had an open mic night and allowed acts to play up to 10 minutes in front of the live crowd made up mostly of aspiring musicians. Beg For Mercy played two original tunes, “6 Minutes” and “Broken Promises”, and brought down the house. In the words of the club owners, “You guys are great. You should be playing bigger venues than this. We will put the word out for you.”

From such meager beginnings Beg For Mercy was launched into the local heavy metal music scene. Two days after their open mic gig, a local booking agent called and asked the band to play the following weekend based upon the feedback from the open mic club owners. Since then Beg For Mercy has had a meteoric rise playing significant venues such as Rockpile West, The Opera House, Velvet Underground, Rockpile East and All Stars in Brampton. The recognition and acclaim that the band has garnered has won them spots as opening act for bands such as Misfits, Wednesday 13 and Teenage Head. Beg For Mercy holds the record as the youngest band ever to open for Misfits.

Through all of their shows, Beg For Mercy, has earned the reputation as a reliable, professional group that has a large local fan base and a strong draw across Southern Ontario with fans from Kingston to St. Catharines to Windsor. As a result, Beg For Mercy has enjoyed repeat bookings at key clubs and has strong ties to other Metalcore bands across Ontario. The pinnacle of their live performances to date was their CD Release party in March 2013. Working with like minded local Metalcore bands, Beg For Mercy headlined a night of moshing mayhem to a packed house of 200 fans that drank the bar dry.

In March, 2013, Beg For Mercy release a self titled CD of original music that was recorded at the world famous Metal Works Studios. The CD was published independently by Pearl Kim Productions and is available through the band website www.begformercyband.com, facebook page www.facebook.com/begformercyband or iTunes and CD Baby. Beg For Mercy has a music style all their own which includes intricate classic rock guitar solos mixed with the hard driving double kick drum work of heavy metal. Their main influences include Lamb of God, Of Mice and Men, Devil Wears Prada and As I Lay Dying.

Blending powerful rhythm, heavy hitting drums, blinding guitars solos and lyrics that tell the stories of battles past is what Tsargrad brings to the stage night after night. And you can expect to hear more, as Tsargrad is just getting started.

In their short amount of time as a band they have been able to win a battle of the bands in Newmarket supporting cancer research, record an E.P titled "Axes High" and open for international touring acts such as Sevens Kingdoms (USA) and Arkona (RUS) with rave reviews.


Formed in Jan 2010, Shattered Remains was originally a 4 piece metal band from Hamilton Ontario. Jon Millette met brothers Kyle and Gordon Patzalek through a mutual friend. After one jam, the 3 decided to search for a bassist and vocalist. Going through one bass player and a few vocalists, respectively, SR decided to recruit old jam buddy Marc Harris. Without a solid front man to lead the band, Jon and Kyle took over on vocals. February 4th 2012 was Shattered Remains last show with original drummer and founding member Gordon Patzalek. In late March 2012, Jon and Kyle were introduced to Mike Fiorini and Devin Lothian who were leaving other projects in search of something more serious. After jamming together for about a month Mike became their lead vocalist and Devin became their new drummer. After a few months Shattered Remains guitarist Jon Millette decided to leave the band due to musical differences. Mike and Devin's friend Danny who they worked with in a former project heard about the band and started jamming with them, Shortly after he became their guitarist, They continued with this line up until late August when the band was introduced Kyle's close friend Cleighton Presutti who worked with Kyle in the early makings of Shattered Remains. After attending some practices and doing guest vocals at a couple of their shows Shattered Remains decided that he would make a good addition to the band turning them into a six piece band. In mid September 2012, Shattered Remains bassist Marc Harris left the band due to musical differences. Danny Glover shortly after asked his good buddy Matt Rosic, who was also attending Recording Arts Canada to fill in on bass.
A couple weeks after they played with Threat Signal in Hamilton at their benefit show prior to their tour. Threat Signals vocalist Jon Howard ended up recording them a couple months after on their EP titled "Delusions" alongside Steve Haines (Ex guitarist of It Lies In Ruins). In July of 2013, one vocalist Mike Fiorini decided to part ways with the band leaving Cleighton Presutti to take over full vocal duties. On January 21st SR enters the studio with Jon Howard again to start recording new music. On November 15th SR won best metal album of the year for "Delusions" from the Hamilton Music Awards.

After about two years of perfecting their sound, Santuarium's first studio album is finally complete. Combining interesting instrumentation, that includes the violin, the piano, the flute and the viola on top of the traditional metal sound, the music is also accompanied by intelligent and socially critical lyrics.

At Dawn's Edge

At Dawn's Edge is a melodic orchestral metal band based in Mississauga, Ontario. The band consists of 2 guitarists (Matt and Alex), female vocals (Ashavari), bass guitar and male vocals (
Cameron) and drummer (Jacob). At Dawn's Edge combines melodic and technical styles and adds a full orchestra in the background to create their unique style. Main influences include Nightwish, Protest the Hero, Epica and Tesseract. At Dawn's Edge has been together for 6 years and regularly performs at various venues in the GTA.



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