Wise Blood (Album Release Party!)

Wise Blood (Album Release Party!)

Wise Blood is Chris Laufman, a young guy who lives in Pittsburgh and makes woozy, inward pop songs out of other people's music. Laufman's voice is usually the only original element in Wise Blood's songs. But Laufman's sample manipulation can turn something like the brontosaurus-stomp drums from Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" into just one element of a funky swirl of a track. To hear Laufman tell it, he'd like to take over pop music completely in the next year or so. The first step in that campaign: a self-titled five-song EP up for free download on Wise Blood's Bandcamp page.


Montreal's exotic digi-funk wizard, D'eon is the latest artist to escape from HIT's vortex of future-vintage pop greats. As if from nowhere, his debut album 'Palinsopia' presents a fully formed package that's so hard to ignore, injecting R&B, Breakbeat Hardcore, and electrosoul with sublime doses of psychedelic raga drones and a devotional pop spirit, subsequently sounding quite like nobody else we can think of. The exquisitely measured opener, 'Palinsopia Intro + Almost Out Of Time' is an epic iintroduction, false starting with a flurry of JD Emmanuel-esque new-Age synth scales before spanking us into a Peter Gabriel dreamspace with 'Almost Out Of Time' proper. Just wait for the vocal and a stupidly wide grin will follow! From here we're granted full access to D'eon's world, from the cascading, romantic arpeggios of '2040' sounding like the theme to a high school drama set in Mumbai, to the elegiac Hardcore House of the outstanding 'What We Want To Be' like some magical B-side from Rob's Records circa 1992. Deep into his heady interzone, we enter the opiated R&B/Raga states of 'Kill A Man With A Joystick In Your Hand', the greazy boogie of 'Keep The Faith' and a soaring closer of epic proportions in 'Across The Sea'. D'Eon's pop instincts and psychedelic wanderlust are just achingly exquisite, we urge you to check this out and embrace one of the most exciting debuts of the year.

Cities Aviv

Distorted Hip-Hop from Memphis,TN. Cities Aviv is the sole project of Gavin M. with collaborations. Post-Death.


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