Wacken Metal Battle Canada is a cross-Canada competition for metal bands. One band will rise above all others to represent their nation with highest honor and perform at the 2018 Wacken Festival in Germany.

It all started a few years back as a side project from the power metal band Adllivyttumm. While playing concerts in regional tours around Mexico and studying music at the University of Guadalajara, Oscar Rangel started to compose his own style of music based on his different influences.

After many years of hard work in composing a multitude of songs that surpassed the musical purpose of Adllivyttumm, everything started to make sense. Since the music started to roam into other styles than that of Oscar Rangel’s former band, he decided to leave the limits of the musical instrumentation and style of composition he faced. He then dedicated his talent and creativity in expressing his thoughts and emotions through his own music and created this project.

Around spring of 2008 Kirsti Heitz appeared in the picture, giving the music all the lyrical power and epic feeling that Oscar always wanted but could never achieve.

In June of 2009 Oscar moved his project to Toronto and started to record the first rough demo under the band name "Masquerade at the Opera", production called “Winter Nightmare”. Named after the cold winter of that year that influenced the composition of most of the songs.

Later in 2011 Masquerade at the Opera changed to Operus and with this change a bigger production is taking place called after the former name of the band.

In November of 2012 Guitarist Brittany Dasilva and Drummer Broderick Archer joined the lines of Operus.

In October of 2013 bassist Wojtek Sokolowski, Cellist Robin Howe and Flutist/Soprano Tara Mills completed the line up.

Lastly, After the formation stage, the band's line up is solidified with Will Patterson (Vocals), Tara Mills (Flute/Vocals), Oscar Rangel (Guitar/Vocals), Robin Howe (Cello), Wojtek Sokolowski (Bass/Vocals) and JJ Tartaglia (Drums).

Currently the band is working on their debut album "The Book of Shadows".

An ever-evolving band, Protokult is a Toronto based Pagan metal band that features themes of paganism, folklore. The band boasts a marvelous mix of Canadian and international forces. The goal is to unite the bands many cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for head-bangers everywhere.


Our Covenant is a 5 piece symphonic metal band that originates from Toronto Ontario. We originaly started in october of 2009 but have had many changes to our line up since. We have played many shows including opening acts for bands like Into Eternity. In the summer of 2013 we won the "Headbang for the Highway" Battle of the bands which gave us the opportunity to represent Sumeraian records in the "Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival" that took place at the molson amphitheater. We are currently finishing up our debut full length album which will be ready for realease in early march of 2014 along with a music video.


Based in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Endemise delivers a masterful palate of melodic death metal with well-blackened edges. Unforgiving rhythms in the vein of Watain and Abigail Williams support melodies influenced by Dissection delivered with power and ceremony akin to Behemoth and Septic Flesh.

After forming in 2005, Endemise‘s initial efforts culminated with the release of a debut full-length album, Unearth The Throne, in 2009. 2010 saw the release of the band’s self-titled EP which was immediately supported on the Ottawa Metal Assault Tour with Darkness Rites (now Obey the Brave) and Immersed (featuring members of Vital Remains). Now in 2013, the band is back with a focused and expanded version of their sound in the form of their sophomore full-length release, Far From The Light, due out in October 2013. Produced by long-time collaborator Mike Bond along with Endemise guitarist Dale Sauvé, this new effort is imbued with a new maturity and atmospheric quality assimilated through live experience and extensive reflection. Added emotion and tone now counterpoint the band’s crushing riffs and vicious vocal delivery.


The Fiction In Folklore was conceived in Brampton Ontario in the fall of 2007. After several line up changes, dozens of shows, and a bunch of demos: the band is ready for a new beginning, as they prepare to release there debut album "Desolation". In June 2013 the band unveiled the first single off of "Desolation", an epic tune titled "Capable of Hate". Currently the band continues to book shows and perform regularly.

Thomen Stuach, former drummer for Germany's legendary Power Metal band Blind Guardian, has reviewed their newest single, and gave it a ravishing recommendation!



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