BASSIK: BUKU Late Edition ft. Doctor P

Any true fan of electronic music should instantly recognize Doctor P as one of the original godfathers of the bass-driven Dubstep movement. A true music lover at heart, Doctor P, aka Shaun Brockhurst, has had an intense love of music since he was just a teenager jamming with his friends on drums and guitar. It would later be the fateful acquisition of a Yamaha keyboard and Playstationʼs Music 2000 which would mark the beginning of the rise of one of todayʼs brightest and most innovative artists. Doctor P is what you might label as a triple threat as his talent can be found in the roles he effortlessly balances as a musician, producer, and DJ.

Since his game changing track, Sweet Shop, back in 2009 Doctor P has played some of the hottest venues bringing his homegrown British Dub step stylings to the eager masses across the globe. In just the past few years Doctor P has, to name just a few highlights, sold out arenas in LA, played the legendary Coachella festival, put on a mind bowing show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, and most recently tore up the 2012 Hackney Weekender.

With a number of iconic releases already under his belt, such as Tetris, Superbad, and of course the Dubstep staple that is Sweetshop, it is clear that Doctor P has only shown the world a fraction of what he can do. Aside from crafting his own original tracks, Doctor P has also lent his skills to remixes for artists such as Plan B, Ed Sheeran, Example, Fenech-Soler. The wide variety of genres he takes on only testifies to his adaptability and talent in being able to engage a multitude of different sounds and, in the process, creating truly special bass driven music.

Doctor P's Sweet Shop single has sales in excess 60,000 alone, and his track Big Boss has garnered over 7.5 million hits on YouTube (closer to 8.5 million if you take into account the countless unofficial videos), his youtube channel has enjoyed a staggering 31 million views, and his Circus records mixtape has been downloaded over 20 thousand times. It is fair to say that these numbers speak for themselves; Doctor P is a force to be reckoned with.

Three years after emerging as one of the heavy hitters of the Dubstep movement, with a catalogue of groundbreaking tracks and countless accomplishments, Doctor P released the single, "Galaxies and Stars", from the EP "Animal, Mineral, Vegetable" which had the equally brilliant "Bullet Proof" which was collaboration with the awesome singer Eva Simons and was released late 2012 on Circus/Atlantic records.

"Galaxies and Stars" is a typical Doctor P buzz track, having found airtime on Fearne Cottonʼs Radio 1 show and Mistajam on 1Xtra, it has already become another legendary track for the prolific DJ.

If you like what Doctor P has been creating so far let us just say... you havenʼt heard anything yet.

Cookie Monsta

From a very early age Cookie Monsta was always into music. From around 11 years old a PlayStation game called 'Music 200' caught his eye and that's where it all began. He would play on this game making loops, playing on it for ages. Then around 17 he had as many music games he could find, but he wanted more. Cookie Monsta never really knew about music production and came from a group of friends that were not into that sort of thing. When he applied at college he was frowned upon for doing this simply because people thought music was pointless to study. He first opened up Reason 3 in September 2007 and the first ever Dubstep tune he heard was Midnight Request line from Skream, He never knew it was Dubstep, but he loved it even though none of his friends did. Then hearing all the upbeat and darker side of Dubstep made Cookie Monsta get into it completely and ever since then he has been expanding his knowledge of Reason 4 by religiously using it as much as he could. A lot of people ask him for tips and tricks for producing but the best bit of advice, according to him is, 'If you're passionate about making music and you know you want to make music then knuckle down and stay on it. If people doubt you carry on, no matter how bad things get. Music isn't my hobby, it's my life'. A true word spoken by this future talent.

Those that know their Manga will be well aware of the Naruto character Mizuki, for those that don’t he’s a long haired Ninja who is a dab hand at jutso. Apt, given that the Circus artist Mizuki is a long haired Ninja who happens to be a dab hand at dance music.

Mizuki can be found practicing his art in the wilds of Scotland, well, the not so wild Dunfermline. He started producing 5 years ago, at the mere age of 16. Whilst Mizuki’s musical influences range from the metal of Porcupine Tree to dulcet tones of Imogen Heap, it was the sounds of Justice, Daft Punk and Chase and Status that led him towards crafting electronic music ahead of anything else.

They say that a man’s music display’s their personality, this is totally true for Mizuki, whose love for science, technology and futurism always shines through. It was that visionary sound that jumped out when the Mizuki demo reel was first heard by the Circus family, it wont be long before Mizuki is re-writing the rules of EDM.

Outside of music Mizuki is, like the best of us, a fan of epic television box sets. Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and The Wire listed as favourites for the time being. Oh, and producers that set the bar, the standard for which he aspires to… Rob Swire (Knife Party, Pendulum), KOAN Sound and (of course ;)) the artists on the Circus roster… Accepting nothing but the best as a target, another reason why Mizuki is a name set to dominate dance music.

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