Stemming from the Darmstadt area in Germany, DE/VISION have been
playing their predominantly electronic pop music with melodic English
vocals since 1988. Long considered a quantity to be reckoned with on
the German music scene, the chart success of their third CD Fairyland
marked the breakthrough of this hard working and consistently touring
band. Over 250 shows speak for themselves, and DE/VISION have been
appearing with guitarists and a drummer to increase the live feel of
their performance since 1998, to make their gigs an aural as well as a
visual delight. Musically, DE/VISION are changing all the time. While
initially being influenced by the famous electronic bands of the day,
they now cite the techno, trance, hip-hop and crossover genres as
their current influences. These days, DE/VISION themselves are an
influence on the music scene and have been forerunners in many
respects, working with vocal distortion effects as early as the
beginning of 1996 – to be heard on their single “I Regret”, and
continued on “Strange Affection”.

DE/VISION released Rockets & Swords in 2012, the most beautiful album
of its storied career. Steffen & Thomas once again went into the
studio with the producer team Schumann & Bach, who worked with the duo
on the more recent albums NOOB & Popgefahr. From the echoed notes of
“Beauty Of Decay” to the haunting “Want To Believe”, Rockets & Swords
is an exquisite shimmering beacon of electronic resplendence.

DE/VISION are celebrating 25 years with their Best Of Tour in 2014.
They'll be performing an extended set on this tour that is sure to
delight long-time and new fans alike.

Thought Thieves

Thought Thieves are a synth pop band. It’s pop in the same kind of way that the Cure is pop…. but more dance/synth oriented….. and getting more synthy as they go… They lug 7 keyboards and drums to live shows and let it all out…

Their first EP, “All I Pretend”, debuted in April 2009. Their second EP, “Krista”, launched in April 2011. The group has been featured in the Twin Cities Electropunk compilations and has opened for national acts like Lords of Acid, Assemblage 23, I:Scintilla, and Anything Box.

DJ Nemo

DJ Nemo (Formerly of the Industrial / EBM band Envy is Blind) has been spinning in the Twin Cities for the last 10 years. His sets primarily feature tracks from industrial, aggrotech, and EBM artists alike. You can catch him as a featured guest at local clubs such as The Saloon and Ground Zero. He is also one of the staple VJ’s for the Twin Cities annual Goth Prom.

$13.00 - $16.00


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