Incan Abraham

Incan Abraham

Incan Abraham is a group of dualities: the joy and melancholy. The primal and intellectual.

Teddy Cafaro (Vox/Guitar) & Spencer Mandel (Bass) met as kindergarteners in Los Angeles while other mates Giules Pizzulo (Vox/Keyboard) & Andrew Clinco (Drums) grew up across town. In 2010, the childhood friends were marooned on opposite coasts for college, before deciding on a whim to gather for one dynamic month of tracking in a secluded house in upstate New York. Their sound immediately evoked a sweet tension, fusing tribal energy with their contemplative lilting guitar/keyboard soundscapes and their two lead singers providing perfect counterpoint melodies. Critics (Pitchfork, Time Magazine, and SPIN) immediately adored them, writing that the band blended the best of Animal Collective with the vibe of Sahara-influenced acts Tinariwen and Group Doueh. The success inspired Cafaro and Mandel to relocate back home to storm Los Angeles’ thriving Silver Lake scene where they quickly gained a rabid following.

Now, after hyped performances at national festivals (SXSW, CMJ, and Desert Daze) and three critically acclaimed EPs (Springhouse, JAXart 2012), the band is set to release their first digital 7″, Tuolumne/Whidbey, on taste-making indie, White Iris. Following in the steps of other celebrated White Iris alumni (Best Coast, FIDLAR), the digital 7″ represents their first time working with eclectic producer Lewis Pescacov. With luscious melodies and the worldly thump of their polyrhythmic rhythm section, Tuolumne/Whidbey will be the first step for this band on the rise. If these two songs are any indication, the next leap is sure to follow.

When Pat Brier saw the words “king god” written on an abandoned truck in his hometown of Scranton, PA, he knew he’d found the perfect name for his recording project.

Unfortunately, that name was already taken, and a cease and desist letter soon found its way to Pat’s mailbox; thus, Queen​ ​Jesus​ was born.

The Philadelphia indie-rock outfit may have started as a solo project—Brier played every part on the 8-track recordings he made back in 2012 while living in his parents’ basement—but it has since become a solid quintet. Brier was already used to working closely with Matt Schimelfenig thanks to Three​ ​Man​ ​Cannon​, and Schimelfenig was happy to help get Queen Jesus off the ground. Seasoned players Tim Jordan, Justin Fox, and Billy Fries joined in a year or so later, each bringing something different from their own musical endeavors (too many to list here, really) to the table. Eventually Brier moved from guitar to drums, and the lineup was set.

Influenced by genre touchstones like Sparklehorse and Neil Young, Queen Jesus makes the sort of lilting, daydreamy slowcore well-suited for long car rides or late night space outs. Their songs are easy to get lost in, with Brier’s hushed vocals resting comfortably on top of hazy guitar lines. In live performances especially, the long years of friendship (and overlapping band membership) are obvious; watching them play is like watching one singular brain at work rather than individual musicians. And that same easy attitude comes through in their recordings, most recently on 2016’s Tar Ranch EP. They’re currently at work on their second full length, due out next year.

A dose of thought provoking music to soundtrack your current state. Musicians Tom Ryan (Young Statues / Atomic Square) and Matt Weber (Young Statues / Bacio) delve into a cinematic soundscape of instrumental, experimental and post-rock exploration with Endor Endor.



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