Mark Mosher, Randall Frazier, John Gross, Victoria Lundy, Rick Reid, Thomas Lundy

Mark Mosher

Mark Mosher is an electronic musician, sound designer, composer and performer from Boulder. He has performed at festivals and theaters around the country such as Electro-Music Festivals in NY and Asheville NC, Pacific Northwest Synthfest, Art Institute of Sunnyvale, Georgia Tech, Midwest Electro-Music Experience, The Dairy Center for the Performing Arts and more. Mark is the founder of the 190+ member strong Boulder Synthezier Meetup ( and has been blogging on music technology for over 9 years at
Mark is excited to be returning for his fourth Concréte Mixer show. At this event, Mark will be creating expressive sample-based "instruments" on-the-fly on a computer-less and deep hardware sampler called the Elektron Octatrack. On most pieces, he will build up his instruments in real-time by capturing audio from contact mics and output from other musicians at the event. Mark will also be performing using original harmonic content distilled down into expressive performance patches on the Octatrack and on Ableton Sampler and Ableton Push. To accompany the music and sound for the show, Mark will also be providing interactive visuals with live camera input. For more information and links to albums, please visit and

Orbit Service

"This band is in a class of its own, where the more sociopathic side of Pink Floyd meets the twisted musical imagery of The Legendary Pink Dots and Edward Ka-Spel, as unlikely as it seems. Emotionally draining and highly recommended."
- François Couture, All Music Guide

Orbit Service is the musical project of Colorado-based producer/engineer Randall Frazier (helmet room, Bela Karoli, Kal Cahoone) produced in collaboration with Kim G. Hansen (Antenne), Dennis Swanson (Day Dissolved Dream) and Kirill Nikolai (Still Light).

"Atmospheric sounds of shifting density like time lapse images of weather patterns."
- Dave Herrera, Westword

"…this imaginative Colorado quartet gently weaves acoustic guitar, soft electric guitar, tranquil drums and often subliminal keys, bass and accordion into a dreamy mix…"
- Bryan Reesman, Downbeat Magazine

"Immense, beautifully epic sadness…."

"Orbit Service delivers an atmospheric dose of brooding, black hole rock. Eerie strings hang over the album like dark, velveteen drapes, and an ambient moodiness prevails."
- Georgiana Cohen, Splendid Magazine

"The group's layered, melancholic sounds will blow its listeners' minds."
- Kevin Hopper, Albuquerque Journal

John Gross

John Gross has been performing noise since 1994. He has appeared in Zoologist, Burn heavy, Page 27 Robot Mandala, and Suicide Notes. John is the curator of the Denver Noise Fest, and has performed around the country at Ende Tymes Fest, the International Noise Fest, and the Albuquerque Experimental Fest.

Victoria Lundy

Victoria Lundy has been playing theremin in the Denver experimental/underground/punk scene since the 90s. She was a member of the avant garde Carbon Dioxide Orchestra, who opened for the legendary Silver Apples in 1997; is a founding member of Denver’s acclaimed nerd rock band The Inactivists and has appeared all of their 6 CDs and EP, and as a guest player live and in recordings with other local artists. She also was a member of Jackson Induced Mutant Laboratory and performed with them at the 2011 Denver Noise Festival and at the 2013 Denver Post Underground Music Showcase with ambient project Pythian Whispers. Victoria has appeared at many venues in Denver as well as Boulder’s Dairy Center for the Performing Arts, and demonstrated the theremin at the World Science Fiction Convention. Recently she’s been concentrating on solo ambient work exploring the expressive qualities of the theremin.

Rick Reid

Rick Reid has been fascinated with recorded sound ever since early childhood, when he heard his own voice played back on his older brother’s reel-to-reel tape deck. His first electronic instrument was a photo theremin, built with a Radio Shack electronics kit. Rick now owns and plays a wide range of electronic and acoustic instruments ranging from the conventional to the truly peculiar. Rick studied radio and TV broadcasting in both high school and college and worked part-time as a radio personality while still in school. He has since created thousands of TV on-air promos, marketing videos and commercials as a writer/producer for Starz, Encore, MoviePlex, TNN and broadcast TV stations in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. As a freelance voice actor, he has also been heard on dozens of national and regional radio and TV commercials, web videos and corporate/industrial media productions. Rick has been a sound designer for more than sixty theater production in the Denver-Boulder area, and has occasionally performed as a stage actor. He has released two experimental electronic music albums and created underscore and theme music for the sci-fi web video series “Lucha Libre: El Tecolote vs. the Body Thief from Dimension X.” He is slated to play theremin on the score of an upcoming indie horror feature film. Rick makes his home in Denver with his pet tarantula, Curly. For more details about Rick’s creative work and links to his music, visit

Thomas Lundy

Thomas Lundy has served as curator of the Concréte Mixer series since its beginning. He will provide metal shrieks for Mark Mosher (unless Rick wished to repeat the Lamont piece--then I will provide tool noises, too).

$10.00 - $12.00


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