OYE at MMW feat. Tony Lucca, Chip Greene, & Jeffrey James

"It's hard to imagine after twenty years in the entertainment business that this is just chapter two," an excited Tony Lucca says of his first music post his game-changing run on the hit NBC series The Voice. For Lucca chapter one included seven albums in a more than 20-year run in show business that started on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Lucca firmly believes all of those experiences led him to teaming with coach Adam Levine on The Voice. "The further along in The Voice contest I got it felt like there was no denying my whole life's work led me to that moment. I know that sounds extremely cliché, but for me specifically it really was kind of that, everything from the former relationship, having worked with Christina [Aguilera] on The Mickey Mouse Club to just the experience of having spent a lot of time in film and television and getting on a big stage and knowing what things like camera blocking and hitting your mark meant. Just little things that all add up to an easier time on the show like that," he said. "That being said, it also felt like after the show, whatever was next, was supposed to happen."

What was supposed to happen is a new beginning for Lucca, who is signed to Adam Levine's 222 Records, and set to release his first EP, With the Whole World Watching, July 16, right before he hits the road as one of the support acts on Levine and his Maroon 5 band mates' sold-out run across America on the Honda Civic tour.

Chip Greene

Chip Greene’s métier is matters of the heart. That alone doesn’t make him an original, but his meticulous examination of all the intricacies of a relationship is a great deal more detail-oriented than average. Hailing from Nashville, TN, Greene pens wistful tales of love and loss. His classic approach to melody is updated with layers of electronic textures, yielding atmospheric pop gems.

A talent that grew from a pre-teen passion into a life calling was raised by top-shelf song-writing influences from Joel to Springsteen, with the energy and emotion of U2 or Coldplay. Greene digs deeply into a world of determinate, piercing, and powerful thoughts. His alternative edge and classic, epic sound have earned him an ever-growing fan base and applause-worthy merit.

Greene's emotionally candid and poignant songs have charted in CMJ and been featured on Sirius XM Radio's Radar Report, Delta Airlines In-flight Entertainment, in projects by MTV and ad campaigns by Sprite / Coca-Cola & Eddie Bauer.

Jeffrey James

Jeffrey James doesn't sing. His band doesn't play. Once you hear the first note, it's easy to see that Jeffrey James Music is a performance. Powerful lead vocals come standard with a collection of kids who have rhythm in their hands and their feet. No really, they move on stage and it just feels right.
Whether it is a simple love song or a full out rock tune, energy, quality and excitement are delivered from start to end. Oh, and in case you like eye candy, tailored jackets and trimmed beards for the ladies, and delicious curves and sexy instruments for the guys, cover all bases of desire.

Before the Wide Awake Project, Jeffrey released "Make Your Way to the Flashing Lights." The 2012 EP is a collection of rock songs infused with catchy rhythms and intense vocals reminiscent of old soul music. Produced and mixed by Konrad Snyder (Kopecky Family Band, Night Beds, Sugar and the Hi Lows), the five-track album is a compilation of songs that range from simple hooks, and blues shuffle to dirty dap-tone like horns and ominous arrangement of strings.
Touring colleges and venues around the country, Jeffrey's set-lists include songs from his 2012 and 2013 projects– sometimes even a cover or two delivered in a way you wouldn't expect.

Open Your Eyes to Narcolepsy

A Nashville based group that formed in September of 2013 and has since been on a mission to educate and inform the community about narcolepsy and all that goes with it. OYE’s founder was diagnosed after 15 years of symptoms and has hopes of bringing light to a disorder that is extremely misunderstood, but not something to run away from. She says, “Narcolepsy is the best thing that ever happened to me. It explained a misunderstood life, led me to meet people I now call family, and gave me a purpose or driving force of direction in life. I wouldn’t change that for the world.”
OYE is a group dedicated to not only furthering research efforts to find a cure for narcolepsy but also provide education on the disorder and the importance of sleep, particularly to children and young adults.
We will be providing entertainment, creating opportunities that will raise funds to support our mission. By creating these events, we will be able to rout those funds to our education programs and support research. We are inserting ourselves into the community to build awareness for an "invisible" disorder that doesn't have a loud voice, along with the education of what sleep actually does for the body.


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This is a night to let you hair down, loosen the tie, and have some fun listening to some great music. Tony Lucca will knock your socks off with his bluesy, jazzy, all-over-talent in a rock-n-roll way. The night is opening with two of Nashville's own outstanding artists, Chip Greene and Jeffrey James. It just so happens, that the proceeds from the night will be benefiting narcolepsy research and education through a local Nashville group called Open Your Eyes to Narcolepsy, or OYE to Narcolepsy as they've come to be known.
Come early to check out some interesting silent auction items and mingle with new friends!

Please review Marathon Music Works' age policy here: http://www.marathonmusicworks.com/frequently-asked-questions/

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OYE at MMW feat. Tony Lucca, Chip Greene, & Jeffrey James

Thursday, February 13 · Doors 6:00 PM / Show 7:00 PM at Marathon Music Works

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