The Alternate Routes

The Alternate Routes

The Alternate Routes' name suits them well. They're a band that's never really fit in — in a good way. Without a definitive genre to reference or an established scene to rally behind them, they've been something of a rogue wave in an ocean of bands. They built a fan base the old fashioned way, by driving around the country in a big, white Ford Econoline van, winning crowds over one person-at-a-time with solid, catchy songs and an explosive live show. Since their genesis in 2004, cofounders Tim Warren (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Eric Donnelly (lead guitar) have taken their group through the dizzying heights and frustrating lows of the modern music industry, and have learned some valuable lessons along the way.
The culmination of all these experiences to date is a new record called Lately that exemplifies the new focus and attitude of a band that knows who they are and what they want. Produced by Teddy Morgan at The Bario East in Nashville, Tenn., the Routes' updated sound on Lately is more spontaneous and raw than what we've heard from them in the past, but it retains the melody, depth and power of their previous efforts. This less-glossy version of the band is more true to the no-holds-barred, uplifting live show that put them on the map in the first place.
As road warriors of the 21st century, the band's experiences are numerous and varied. They're known for staying after the club 'til last call, playing fan requests in the parking lot after the show on acoustic guitars. They've been the musical guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, opened a tour for O.A.R. to college-age crowds at arenas and drank moonshine out of a mason jar, jamming with the Mountain Stage house band in Charleston, West Virginia (following their taping of the down-home, nationally-syndicated radio show). But they've also hosted Patty Griffin in the studio to sing delicate background vocals on a track and have played fully acoustic shows at dinner theaters across the country to standing ovations.
They've got tear-jerking ballads, in-your-face rock anthems, bizarre, experimental songs, campfire sing-alongs, futuristic space jams — it's all fair game. On their previous album A Sucker's Dream, radio stations spun nine different songs, each one appealing to a different format and demographic. They're a hard band to label, but an easy one to like.

MELODIME is a rock band that grew up performing music in the hayloft of their horse farm in Northern Virginia. Their sound is heavily influenced by an appreciation for the past, while keeping it rootsy, catchy, and original. "One thing you never question about a MELODIME song is whether they put their all into it. Each one is not just musically addictive, but is fit to bursting with the emotion and energy the artists have infused into it; it's not commercial, it's better: it's art" (The Trades).

Over the past 5 years, MELODIME has worked extremely hard to continuously release new music to fans nationwide and build their brand from the ground up without the help of a record label. You can see them live at some of the premier music venues and colleges east of the Mississippi. Their live show is commonly praised as being full and refined -- even better than the album! Energetic pianos play an integral role in their cross-genre, southern rock sound, which is "both modern, and yet nostalgic, just begging to climb the pop charts where they well and truly belong" (JamSphere Magazine).

MELODIME's newest project includes a brand new full length album produced by Rick Beato (NEEDTOBREATHE, Shinedown, Charlie Mars, Decyfer Down, and many others) that will be released early in fall 2013. The band is taking a very unique approach with this next album. The band is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this record to benefit children in their own community and around the world that have a desire to play an instrument but are not afforded the opportunity to chase that dream. The band was inspired to start this foundation based on the generosity of one individual that provided the very first instruments that eventually led to the musical beginnings of MELODIME. If you'd like to learn more or help support this effort, connect with the band on social media or contact their team at

Wild North is the project of TJ Smith and friends. They play a blend of folk, americana, soul, and blues along with tasteful covers that span from his favorite influences to modern rock, classic blues, and more. A Berklee College of Music grad who has sang and toured some heavier bands in the past, TJ has settled in to his project Wild North which is a much more pensive and light hearted experience when compared to his hard rock roots. Siting influences such as Tom Waits, The Tallest Man on Earth, Iron and Wine, Amos Lee, and William Elliott Whitmore, Wild North is for creating good music unapologetically.

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