Lockets is the Philadelphia duo of Todd Mendelsohn and vocalist Catie Parker. Parker is a new addition to the group with this being her first performance as lead vocalist. Lockets were compared to artists such as Beach House and Cocteau Twins after presenting the world with their synth laced brand of dream pop on their debut LP Camera Shy. They returned in the summer of 2013 with their Surrender EP that boasted an evolved sound featuring driving electronic beats and anthemic hooks drenched in an 80's synth-pop aesthetic. Mendelsohn and Parker are now hard at work crafting new material for an imminent 2014 release.

W.C. Lindsay

"The Beastie Boys watching The Breakfast Club at Warped Tour"

W. C. Lindsay is a duality. Chill/Rage. Hip-Hop/Punk. Electronic/Acoustic. Progressive/Reminiscent. Two very different halves to make up a unique whole. Understand the dichotomy- embrace it, and then we can begin.

W. C. Lindsay first heard electronic music during the summer of 2002. He was 11, and he got a hold of a copy of an English Grime record. He tried to relate his love of it to his friends, but they were wrapped up in the world of pop punk and mosh pits. Herein begins the dichotomy that developed into the W. C. Lindsay as he exists today- an indie electro-pop artist who grew up listening to electronic and hip-hop music, but was only ever exposed to the live aesthetic of punk.

Upon relocating from Columbus, Ohio to Philadelphia in 2010, W. C. Lindsay found himself engulfed in the dub-step movement, and shocked by the fact that this energetic and aggressive genre was exclusively being performed by people behind tables. There was a disconnect for him- the electronic music he loved was still there, but the live aesthetic was new.

Raised on frontmen that were down in the crowd, screaming their hearts out, Lindsay vowed that no matter the style of music he was to create, he was to put on a show much the same. "If someone cares enough to come see me, they're going to get everything," says Lindsay.

The parameters were set forth, and so the music grew. Lindsay's addition of live drums and bass to his performance pushed the punk live agenda, while his live sampling and lap steel guitar bring a hands-on aesthetic to the electronic sound. The W. C. Lindsay band has floored audiences in cities all over the country and brought it's unique brand of electro-pop to audiences big and small, with major artists such as B.o.B., Major Lazer, J. Boog, and Twenty One Pilots amongst others.

See W. C. Lindsay live and you will become privy to a dichotomy that will leave sweat on your brow and melodies in your head. Dance and scream, mosh and sing. Join the movement.

The Downtown Club

The Downtown Club is a Philly based 3-piece band. Their debut EP is available on Amazon and iTunes. Their sound is made up of delayed female vocals, analog synths, guitar, drums and bass.



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Lockets with W.C. Lindsay, The Downtown Club

Thursday, January 16 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Boot & Saddle