Les Racquet

Les Racquet

Les Racquet is a Brooklyn NY based indie rock power trio with three-part vocal harmonies and technically expressive musicianship. The trio performs songs that pique the interest of learned musicians and mainstream listeners alike.

The group conveys energy and vitality on stage by unleashing bursts of rock n' roll improv around intimate vocal moments. The youthful trio demonstrate an ability to move between classic and worldly genres while adding their own contemporary edge to each style. The band respects the diversity of individual tastes and prides itself on an ability to entertain fans from all backgrounds.

During its first year as a band Les Racquet has been completely "do it yourself": expanding its horizons to include: managing, booking, marketing, producing and recording.

Cold Roses

Blending old-soul blues and country with a young rock energy, the Cold Roses have developed a pure sound with a gritty, gravely edge that “makes Johnny Cash sound like T-Rex.” With a groove that sounds older than any of them could be, Cold Roses use deeply personal, whiskey soaked lyrics and "crank a hard-punching, slow-moving beat that embodies perseverance, blunted longing and a wary acknowledgement of the worst-case scenario" (PW). Formed in late 2010, the four members of the Roses came from varied musical backgrounds and influences, but found a common bond in their shared love of Americana, blues, and rock and roll. Playing original songs that appeal to any generation, their energetic and eclectic live performances quickly showed their tight bond and soulfully different sound, and have made them a regular fixture in the Philadelphia area.

St. James and The Apostles

A slightly different spin on the "Power Trio" formula. Influenced more by The Doors guitar/organ-keyboard bass/drums sound and less by the standard Cream guitar/bass/drums archetype, the sound of this group could be best summed up as The Doors' "Strange Days" meets Black Flag's "My War", or "Saucerful of Secrets" era-Pink Floyd meets Mudhoney. In essence, a cross between the raw power of garage rock, grunge and punk, and the strange ethereal qualities of psychedelia. A style dubbed by one fan as "Psychedelic Stomp".

What actually brought these 3 together, other than the fact that they are cousins, is the simultaneous collapse of all of their previous musical projects. Jamie is best known for being a founding member of The Three 4 Tens, as well as stints in Marah, Asteroid #4, Mondo Topless, and others. Mike, also spent some time in The Three 4 Tens, as well as playing in various groups in Northeast Philadelphia. Jeff played in various groups in and around Asbury Park, NJ.



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Les Racquet with Cold Roses, St. James and The Apostles

Friday, January 31 · 8:30 PM at MilkBoy Philly