Broad Street Music Showcase

Polar Ice Cap

Polar Ice Cap is a West Philly based rock band that's been around for a few years now. They just put out their debut album, State Lines, a few months ago. Check them out if you like noisy indie pop stuff.

The Bigness

Uber-melodic folk Americana meets punch-you-in-the-face guitar riffs and bluesy undertones. Think British Invasion guitar work, grounded in a steady folk strum and backing vocals that scream Air, Lennon/McCartney, and The Supremes all at once. 
It all started with a serendipitous meeting that led to a collaborative effort between front-woman Kristin Bigness and lead guitarist John Bueno (Bueno and The Goods) that took Kristin's charming folk tunes and gave them some balls.
The band's latest album, Surf+Turf combines thesetwo lifetimes of songwriting. It has been called "nothing less than a gem" and these collaborative efforts shows no signs of slowing down.

Big Tusk

Jangly indie rock from Philadelphia, PA.

The Wayside Shakeup

The Wayside Shakeup began in 2003 in an apartment in Philadelphia, PA. Founding members Chris D'Antonio and Rob Volansky bypassed the usual acoustic cover list and ended up writing a handful of original tunes, one of which ended up as a centerpiece on their self-titled debut album.
After the initial creative spark, Chris and Rob went in different directions to explore creative endeavors. Volansky headed overseas and D'Antonio took root in South Philadelphia. The duo reunited in 2007 and began writing songs and playing live shows. Since the reformation and during the creative process, they've filled out the lineup with John McLeod on bass, Mike Leger on drums, and Eric Raible on keys. A wide variety of influences within the group fuel the sound of The Wayside Shakeup. D'Antonio grew up on doo-wop and Motown while Volansky is a product of equal parts Pearl Jam and Led Zepplin. Leger, McLeod and Raible often joke about starting a Marilion cover band —Prog! — and each also has roots in jazz and funk jams. Together, they form a melodic sound filled with soaring harmonies mixed with power-pop ballads and create the kind of energy needed to get a crowd moving.
Ranging from shameless pop to wobbly blues, these are songs tied together by players who wanted, simply, to make music that they would want to listen to.

So Groove out, belt out, and chill out!

$8.00 - $10.00


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Broad Street Music Showcase with Polar Ice Cap, The Valhallas, The Bigness, Big Tusk, The Wayside Shakeup

Wednesday, January 15 · 8:00 PM at MilkBoy Philly