Alustrium, Another Vendetta


Emerging from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alustrium is introducing the world to a new form of progressive death metal. From intense, technical riffs to lengthy, soulful solos, Alustrium creates a unique blend between melody and fierce brutality. In December of 2010, the band entered the studio under the banner of Toil Records and recorded its debut album, An Absence Of Clarity, which was released world wide in the fall of 2011. Following two years of playing shows throughout the northeast of America, Alustrium recorded their much awaited sophomore album; an album containing even more diversity and raw talent than their previous work. Although not many details have been released, fans of death metal and progressive metal alike can anticipate a sound unlike any they have heard before. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of Alustrium.

Another Vendetta

Another Vendetta is a five peice metal band hailing from South Jersey ,with gutwrenching vocals, blastbeats, insane double bass and classical guitar harmonies that would raise the dead!! Another Vendetta has shared the stage with todays top metal artists including Arsonists get all the girls[centurymedia] Demolisher[centurymedia] With life in mind [C I records] Dark Tranquillity[centurymedia]/ Signal[NuclearBlast]/ MutinyWithin[roadrunner] / Revocation[relapse] / Lazarus A.D.[metalblade] It comes at no surprise the impact Another Vendetta has made on the metal community already. Another Vendetta is proud to announce our self-recorded debut album," Consecrate " is now available on itunes, amazonMP3, Rhapsody, thumb play, Zune, and more check it out!!!!


Parius is a Melodic Death Metal band (think Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, Dethklok, etc.) from Philadelphia, PA. They formed in early 2011 and quickly began writing songs and playing shows. They played their first show, a 10 minute set, only about a month after forming. The original lineup featured current vocalist Louis Thierry, guitarists Ryan Rauch and Valera Godin, bassist John Stank, and drummer Joe Coates. With this lineup, Parius released their first 5 song demo, “Demo-n” and another 3 song demo both in 2011. However, guitarist Valera Godin followed by drummer Joe Coates soon had to separately leave the band. Fortunately, guitarist George Fenton soon joined as well as drummer Ian Staab. This is now the current and likely final lineup of Parius. Parius played many successful shows over the course of 2012-2013 and continued writing new songs.

They are currently in the studio recording these new songs, as well as re-recording some songs from the 2011 demos to be featured on their upcoming, debut album.

Prosper or Perish

Prosper or Perish is a 5 piece Metal band from Philadelphia, PA, who formed in 2006. They recorded a 5 song demo, The Dawning, in 2007 at Nebula Zone Recordings. Prosper or Perish supported The Dawning by playing local venues in their Tri-State area (PA, NJ, DE). In 2010 Prosper or Perish recorded their 1st full length album, Defiant, at The Skylight Studios with Vince Ratti (A Life Once Lost, Bury Your Dead, August Burns Red, Circa Survive, Saosin). Defiant was mastered at Mana Recording Studios by Brian Elliott (The Absence, Graves of Valor, Paths of Possession). Consisting of 10 relentless tracks, Defiant is about surviving a confrontation with death, learning from the second chance given and finding one's true self without conforming to the daily trends of this world we live in. With Defiant, Prosper or Perish have truly found their sound, taking them in a much different direction than that of The Dawning. In December 2010, long-time friend and drummer, Joe Konopka, parted ways with Prosper or Perish. Less than 3 months later, they are back to playing shows in support of Defiant after having found & recruited a new drummer, Sam Shepherd, who quickly & masterfully learned all their songs. Sam has already begun shaping the sound of the band, by adding his diversely powerful drumming style to Defiant, which can be seen & heard at their live shows.



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Alustrium, Another Vendetta with Parius, Prosper or Perish

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