You Do You (Release Show)

You Do You

You Do You was formed by Katie Feeney and Drew Parker in 2012. Known for their funky grooves, high-energy shows and soulful 4-part vocal harmonies, You Do You is quickly making a name for themselves in the Philly music scene. With a genre-bending discography, this Philly 5-piece runs the gamut from Wailing Rock n’ Roll to Funky Soul Fusion. The band name sets the tone for the group’s live stage show - anything can happen! You Do You is currently in the studio recording their debut EP due in early 2014.

Song Dogs

Reminiscent of the Allman Brothers, The Band and Neil Young, the group includes six members, three of whom share the lead vocals, offering lots of variety from track to track on their debut album Wild Country. - Val Haller -New York Times

Song Dogs has gained national media attention for their debut full length albumWild Country, and notoriety for dynamic live performances. The New York Times released two live videos recored at Philadelphia-based Hotbox Studios as well as a new single, "Anyway," in November 2013. The six-piece crafts songs with warm harmonies, scorching guitars, and driving rhythms. WXPN said, "Part Neil Young, part Jackson Browne, Wild Country is a collection of songs blending rock, folk, and blues with a focus on storytelling."
-Julie Miller-WXPN

You can find downloads of their music and links to press at

Tin Horses is an American Rock N Roll band from Philadelphia. Their sound has taken a long road down a classic rock landscape, crossing paths of Crazy Horse riffs to Bob Dylan country records. They recently released their first album (American Radiance) which is a collection of home recordings and live jams. Check them out before they are gone. Members of Purling Hiss

The Great Vibration

The Great Vibration was formed with one goal in mind. That goal was to spread The Funk across this great nation, and to get booties shaking from here to Kuala Lumpur. Since then, TGV has been working tirelessly in and around the Philadelphia area, trying to cultivate a rich community of movers and groovers. Looking ahead, TGV plans on taking the party outside the borders of this fair city, in hopes of bringing The Funk (back) to prominence on a national level.

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You Do You (Release Show) with Song Dogs, Tin Horses, The Great Vibration

Friday, January 17 · 9:00 PM at North Star Bar