Banned Books

After multiple line-up changes Banned Books is Matt Dermond, April Heliotis and Zane Kanevsky. The trio uses traditional rock instrumentation to create tapestries woven from phrases that appear to span the history of music from classical to punk to noise. Having spent the past five years touring extensively and releasing a handful of EPs and singles, the band is looking forward to hit the studio this December to record their first proper full-length.

Son Step is a unique collaborative effort based in both Philadelphia and Brooklyn, comprised of a rotating cast of members- twin brothers Jon and Chris Coyle (vocals/electronics and bass), Matt Scarano (percussion), Pat Lamborn (guitar) and Joel Gleiser (vocals/synthesizer). Since 2010, the group has been in the business of importing/exporting off-kilter moods, dense and euphoric rhythms, and songs that effortlessly push the envelope of pop songwriting. This show will coincide with the release of their second EP (and third overall release) Ova Nova, which is officially due out on September 18th. A limited edition run of EP art-cards will be available, as well as a new solo cassette release by Jon Coyle.

Laser Background

Laser Background is a project about childhood. Every aspect of our adult lives is transformed by what we absorb during the sponge of our youth. And it is this precise molten window, still nestled & thriving within our brainscapes, that Philadelphia's Andy Molholt delves into with Laser Background's debut LP Super Future Montage.
"I wanted to create a psychedelic action/adventure LP," says Molholt. "I look at Super Future Montage as a sort of mission statement, not just for Laser Background, but for life in general. I look at this album as my life's work."
Repetitive themes run rampant throughout the record, drawing parallels between birth, death, sleeping, waking, the monotony of the mundane & the peculiarity of the mystical. Molholt neatly wraps this colossal array into a confectionary web of confusion ripe for the tasting. "It's a reminder of sorts, that existence is filled with beginnings & endings," Molholt offers. "The human condition is basically one big lost & found. Once you really embrace the idea that security of any kind is an illusion, you can start to move forward & break new ground."
Produced by Michael Johnson (Ape School, Lilys, Holopaw) & engineered by Michael Trillions (Norwegian Arms, Grandchildren), Super Future Montage pushes Laser Background into unexplored sonic territory, hijacking expectations & forcing the listener to come along for the ride. Echoing influences like Of Montreal's Coquelicot & Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Molholt forges a sound both reminiscent & all his own, a post psychedelic avant-pop vacation. If past, present & future are the fruits of time, here Molholt has created his orchard. And in this warped universe, where time no longer matters, the flowers are constantly in bloom.

Inspired by days of olde, rooted in psychedelia, Appalachian at heart, and American Gothic in character, Bad Braids is the musical moniker of Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist, Megan Biscieglia. Cyclical, intricate guitar work serves as a landscape for her haunting yet powerful voice to float upon.



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Banned Books with Son Step, Laser Background, Bad Braids

Friday, January 24 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Boot & Saddle