John Murry is a native of Tupelo, Mississippi, whose first solo record, The Graceless Age, comes out in the US on March 5. The album, recorded by the late Tim Mooney from the American Music Club, earned rave reviews when it was released in the UK last year; Uncut Magazine had it on its shortlist for the Album of the Year prize, and Uncut's Allan Jones called it "a personal favourite of the last 12 months, second only to Bob Dylan's Tempest." The Sun newspaper in London and R2 Magazine each gave Murry's debut 5 out of 5 stars, and Americana OK named it Album of the Year. We are thrilled to have Murry perform a preview of the new material at W*A*S*H before his record arrives on US shores.

Melissa Phillips

Yearning vocals soaring high above heartfelt lyrics and a straightforward Americana/folk guitar accompaniment, Melissa Phillips’ tracks run the gamut of emotions. She is a classic storyteller, taking us from bittersweet desire to the sun-dappled summer days of her childhood. This wonderful up and coming singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area ably turns life’s experiences into personal vignettes. The lyrics betray that she’s lived some life and got roughed up a bit, but her voice always remains hopeful. It’s that sonic glimmer of hope in songs like 'So Young' that keep me rooting for Melissa to succeed, and looking forward to more of her music.”
--Mike Lidskin, Twirl Radio/Recharged Radio

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