Black 47

Black 47 espouses an unblinkingly political and thoroughly Irish form of rock 'n' roll, with songs covering topics from the Northern Ireland conflict to civil rights and urban unrest in contemporary New York. Black 47 earned their chops playing the pub scene in Manhattan and self-producing their first indie record, Black 47, before converting The Cars' Ric Ocasek to the cause and gaining mainstream attention with their second album. The band celebrates their 20th year on the road with their latest album "Bankers and Gangsters"

Jonee Earthquake Band

Formed in 1979. First gig....opening for GG ALLIN. 1st 45rpm single..."BLACK PLASTIC."

A few lineup changes over the years, but still giging regularly.

Kermit's Finger

Stuff people kindly said about us:

"puts every wannabe "Killed By Death" garage hipster group from the last ten years to shame" - Chris Hubbard, Maximum RockNRoll

"reminds me of the what-was-still-being-called-hardcore albums of 1984" - Rev. Norb, Razorcake

"a buncha guys who are a lot smarter and funnier than they put on" - Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake

"a new old school sound riddled with loud yet pointed guitar chords" - Denis Askew, Askew Reviews

"real and compelling and reminds me of when punk rock was un-produced and urgent and most importantly sincere." - Marco, No Front Teeth

"intelligently stupid lyrics" - Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake

"I bet these guys would be fun to hang out with" - Ben Snakepit, Razorcake

"passionate punk rock with fucked up, blazing guitars, manic vocals, and driving bass and drums. The harmonies are tight and efficient....KERMIT'S FINGER remind you that Boston is one of the true punk rock capitals of the United States" - Bruce Roehrs, Maximum RocknRoll

"three guys who play, and sing, frenzied punk rock that will entice you to get drunk" - Denis Sheehan, Askew Reviews

"louder than Logan airport at rush hour" - Laura Markley, The Noise

"You can practically define punk rock by listening to this record" - Vic, World Wide Punk"

"your house will not resist!" - Simon, World of Punk & Ska (ha! yeah, he really wrote that in a review!)

$20.00 - $25.00


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