"I thought I was making a dance record." "I thought I was making a rock record." "We both failed."

DARKSIDE is the collaborative duo of guitarist Dave Harrington and electronic producer Nicolas Jaar. The two musicians have vastly different backgrounds, but over the course of several years of touring together they found common ground: DARKSIDE. Dave and Nico use each other as mediums, working on primal instinct and summoning a hybrid of electronic music and psychedelic rock with the kind of artistic depth and breadth for which the term "progressive" was coined.

On October 8th 2013, DARKSIDE will unveil their debut full length, Psychic, to the world via Jaar's own Other People label under license to Matador (US/Europe), Modular (Australia) and Hostess (Japan).

Nicolas Jaar came of age in New York City's underground minimal techno scene, releasing a string of unearthly dance singles that brought the then-18-year-old producer quick renown. Lushly textured and almost subversively slow, 2010's landmark Time for Us EP (Wolf + Lamb) and 2011's full-length Space Is Only Noise (Circus Company) dismantled and restructured dance music into heady new forms and garnered impressive reviews from both the electronic and rock press. He soon began weaving rock music into his own output, remixing acts like Grizzly Bear and Brian Eno and performing with a live band.

Dave Harrington started out in New York City as a young bass player studying experimental jazz and sneaking into late-night jam sessions as a teenager. He eventually moved into composition and performance art, creating commissioned works for theater and film, directing a rendition of John Zorn's COBRA, and integrating lap steel, guitar, keyboard, and effects into his arsenal. After joining the Nicolas Jaar live band in 2011 on guitar and electronics, Harrington began experimenting with dance music, remixing and DJing. Eventually, Harrington and Jaar started experimenting in their studio, and DARKSIDE emerged.

DARKSIDE's Psychic is a watershed moment for the duo, a quantum leap forward from their 3-song debut, 2011's DARKSIDE EP (Clown & Sunset). Psychic is a ritualistic song cycle, exploring rock's cosmic outer edges through the immersive, body-moving framework of 21st-century house and techno. Album opener "Golden Arrow" is a microcosm of the album entire, charting an 11-minute journey from the desert to the stars: The song begins as a barren landscape where organs and static crackle on the horizon. But as "Golden Arrow" builds toward its climax, guitars poke pointillistic patterns in the sky and the blackness rips open, revealing a lumbering sub-bass groove that rises out of the fissure. It's mesmerizing and immediate, desperate and triumphant—and it sounds like nothing either has made before. DARKSIDE aren't dancefloor producers taking a stab at rock music; nor are they a rock band paying homage to their new favorite techno 12-inches. They're deep listeners and creators of both who see little need for distinction between their favorite sounds. The result is Psychic, an album of uncompromising creative vision from two artists working at the peak of their powers.

Justin Miller

Justin Miller is the rare yet enviable combination of the two ends of the disc jokey spectrum: he is all at once a "DJ's DJ" and a party-friendly, floor-commanding maestro of the downtown New York City scene. Justin has always had the aim of one day creating―and, subsequently, fostering―a reputation as an international taste-maker DJ and has recently gained that acclaim. Employed by the iconic DFA Records by day, Miller has, in many ways, become a public face for the label. Justin couldn't be happier to have been given the opportunity to work so closely on a day-to-day basis with the company's founding members James Murphy, Jonathan Galkin, and Tim Goldsworthy.

In 2007, Miller commenced 205 Tuesdays, a weekly party he ran with good friend and producer/DJ Jacques Renault. The event aimed to bring something new to New York's inconsistent nightlife and proved to be very successful. Miller saw the event as an ideal way to develop a strong, branded identity of his own while simultaneously expanding the horizon of his professional pursuits at the DFA office. After over a year of hosting countless local and internationally renowned guests, off-the-wall ragers, and delirious mornings after, 205 Tuesdays closed its doors. However, Miller didn't see this as the end of an era―for him, it was just the beginning. Justin continued to foster his growing reputation, using the 205 event as a formidable credibility card. His desire is to emulate the great DJ's of the 70s and 80s―those who focused most on curating perfect party environments and "breaking" records―stuck with him.

Always a huge fan and admirer of the art world, Miller happily found himself embraced by MoMA and has now spun at several of their openings and galas, including a special DFA Dance Party for the Color Chart Exhibition, the 2009 and 2010 Armory shows with Gang Gang Dance and the Walkmen respectively, and the benefit for Tim Burton's retrospective. He's also been stationed behind the turntables for many openings at the galleries scattered throughout New York's SoHo and Chinatown neighborhoods, like Deitch Projects and Terence Koh's ASS gallery. For these events, Miller sees himself as a source of the evening's soundtrack, but he also revels in being the artist audiences come to see. Testament to this is his long list of globe-spanning gigs, from Fabric, Cargo, and Plastic People in London to Social Club, Scorpitone, and Le Baron in Paris to the humble War Room in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

At the end of the day, Miller is cementing DFA's presence in the dance music scene as well as continuing to explore the world of classic 12"s, dusty milk crates full of vinyl, and whatever his music-making friends throw his way. Whether he's leading a small yet loyal crowd into the wee hours of a Tuesday morning or conducting the synchronized fist-pumping of thousands overseas, Miller is enthused to be in the thick of it and deeply gratified to be revered as one of today's most sought-after names in an industry he's dedicated his heart and soul to.


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