"Good at Bad Decisions: End of the World Holiday and Countdown to Extinction"

Larry Fulford

One part '80s nerd with an affinity for '90s rock and one part political satirist with a penchant for blasphemy, Florida native Larry Fulford enjoys reveling in his own self-deprecating geekdom just as much as he enjoys holding a mirror up to society to show itself how ridiculous it is.

Aside from producing his own independent shows -- "Life's a Gift" with Alex Luchun, "Good at Bad Decisions," and "No Drink Minimum" (a live, online streaming show via StageIt.com) -- Fulford appeared at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival (2013), the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival (2014), and has had the pleasure of sharing stages with the likes of Brian Posehn, Nick Thune, Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers), The David Mayfield Parade, and Zach Sherwin ("Epic Rap Battles of History").



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