Alt-Country Dust Rock from Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Chatham County, North Carolina

Magnolia Collective

It all started in 2010 as a good idea on a barstool fueled by whiskey and a love of American music. Daniel Snyder (the singer-songwriter with a penchant for classic country and modern folk) and Zach Terry (the guitar-banjo songwriter with bluegrass, mountain-stomp blood) decided to put together a new band to play a monthly residency in Carrboro, NC. They cherry-picked their favorite guitarists (Rich MacLaughlin and Jason Butler) and rhythm section (Jonathan Truesdale and Mimi MacLaughlin) to rock up their southern folk, and added Andrew Mayo on mandolin and rhythm. Together, they wrote some songs, put together a set list and Magnolia Collective began.

After turning the monthly series into a highly attended success, playing once a month just wasn't enough for the band and the crowds wanted recordings. So "Ghost Stories," MagCo's debut EP, was created during the swampy North Carolina summer of 2011. These songs were recorded with love, sweat and tears in Daniel's un-air conditioned, hotter-than-hell Carrboro bungalow, fondly known to the band as the Bim Street Fantasy Factory.

This collection of six songs was released in December of 2011 and serves as a solid introduction to what Magnolia Collective does best: narrative-driven, atmospheric music that smacks of sincere, shared experience. The instrumentation was classic, but the sound was a diverse collage of guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, drums, vocal harmonies, pedal steel and musical saw. The result is soulful, upbeat, sometimes spooky, and always heartfelt.

Magnolia Collective is currently working on songs for their upcoming full length release as well as playing shows with some of their favorite bands.

Kenny Roby

Kenny Roby is a North Carolina-based singer-songwriter. He's the former lead singer of Six String Drag, which he formed with old friend bassist Rob Keller in the early 1990s and became one of the main bands of the era's so called Americana movement. The band's style ranged from old style country with a hint of soul and gospel to rock. While Six String Drag broke up in the late 1990s, Roby continues to make records and play live shows with the Mercy Filter, which includes Scott McCall of $2 Pistols. In 2013 Roby released Memories & Birds which he described as "almost a concept album".

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Texoma with Magnolia Collective, Kenny Roby

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