Grant Hart

Hüsker Dü was founded by Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould in 1979. Only 17, Grant Hart was nonetheless a veteran of a handful of previous bands and had already been playing music professionally since the age of 13. Using a fake name, Grant produced all the visual art for the band, including all the record covers, some of which earned the band awards and helped secure the group's artistic aesthetic.
Although music is still Grant's main stock in trade, his visual arts skills remain as sharp as ever. In addition, he has recently taken part in several readings of his poetry as well as reading the works of his late friend Charles Henri Ford at the Metropolitan Arts Club in New York. He often performs with Patti Smith and has shared the stage with such notables as Charles Plymell, Philip Glass and of course his late chum William S. Burroughs.


Catbath, a three-piece rock outfit hailing from Minneapolis, began in the basement of Travis Franklin and Crystal Stockert’s south side duplex. Stockert, a grizzled Midwest rock veteran, paid her dues as a vocalist and guitar/bass player in several other Twin Cities and ND based bands. She wanted to try her hand at the drums, and Franklin, a drummer extraordinaire who just recently escaped the clutches of his sludge-metal band, was just the guy to teach her. When he picked up a guitar and stepped in front of the mic, Catbath was born.
The duo began mining the arsenal of songs Franklin had been stockpiling. They were eclectic, drawing from disparate genres and eras of rock—from sixties garage pop to grunge to metal. But no matter how much distortion or dropped-D riffage was heaped atop the tunes, the common thread binding them together could not be obscured; the songs were chock-full of undeniable melodies and irrepressible pop hooks.
It soon became clear the project was too promising to be relegated to the basement forever. These songs craved an audience. And they begged for bass.
Stockert and Franklin enlisted bassist Kristin Kosieracki to round out the group and realize the lush vocal harmonies Stockert envisioned for the band.
With Kosieracki in tow, Catbath wasted no time recording their first EP, It’s Bathtime (May 2013). Just months later, they re-entered the studio to record their follow-up, due out late 2014.
Catbath has shared the stage with countless Minneapolis acts—perhaps most notably punk legend Grant Hart—as well as national groups such as The Polyphonic Spree.
Catbath’s purring harmonies, roaring screams and hissing fuzz and feedback, are as fresh and bracing to the ears as a rough cat’s tongue to the cheek.

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Grant Hart with Catbath, Frankie Teardrop

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