Marlowe Grey is the pet project of musicians AJ Pietro and Michael Koslow. AJ, working in the past primarily as a solo artist and Michael, formally of the Indie group Gul, together formed the group in 2005.

Their goal has been to create soundscapes that sit on top of AJ's simple, yet emotionally charged solo work. The songs pay homage to those artist that create with purpose through experience.They convey truth and honesty through words and song with the quest being nothing more.

Band members Angel Lozada and Chris Cartrett accompany the songs with sensitive craftsmanship that is unmistakably fresh and original.

Marlowe Grey released their debut album 'Zoa' in 2007. Their follow up album "The Vanessa Bell", debuts this upcoming winter.

American Alternative/Indie Rock Band, Mind Over Time was conceived while on a road trip in Montreal to Toronto in 2009 by close friends Abslan Laverde, Wesley Estrella and Mohammed Chowdhury. The Trio formed the band in NYC late 2010 and went to work on writing music together. Quickly after a few months in 2011, Heather Costas joined on keyboards and back up vocals. Following the departure of Mohammed Chowdhury the band posted ad’s looking for the missing members. After a vast search, The band found musician Ben Moureau (lead guitar) in late 2012. The Band found last member Hyukjun Yoon (Drummer) in the summer of 2013 and is now going Full Steam Ahead!

Mind Over Time released Their Debut Album "A New Kind Of Romance" November of 2013.



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Marlowe Grey with Mind Over Time

Saturday, January 18 · 7:00 PM at Mercury Lounge