This Or The Apocalypse

This Or The Apocalypse

Exhibiting a veteran-like display of confidence and focus, This Or The Apocalypse's accelerated evolution redefines how bands come into their own. Taking flight alongside regional peers A Life Once Lost, This Day Forward and August Burns Red, TOTA tightrope walks between masterfully crafted time signatures, dense rock grooves and melodic atmosphere. Their music combines the precision and technical prowess of Meshuggah with the raw, emotive urgency of Misery Signals: A sound that is loud, compelling, and unique. As if the entity of the band emerged through natural selection over the members themselves, the band's resilient DIY ethos prevails in everything they create. This Or The Apocalypse is now poised to unleash their most accomplished and refined work to date; Monuments, the follow-up to their epic 2006 full-length, Sentinels.

Optimism is a fucking disease.

We are a group of dudes from Lake County, Illinois as of March 2011.
We play music that will turn your ears to shit.




Shai Hulud are arguably one of the hardcore scene's best groups, yet that title seems a bit too hasty considering they have only released one full length album. Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion is a fantastic album that succinctly wraps up what the late 90's hardcore scene has become, and provides nine songs that are all worthy of becoming anthems for the modern generation. Shai Hulud on the surface may appear to just be a batch of musicians overdosing on testosterone and anger, yet a glimpse at the lyrical content of this album will show something quite different. Blazing with intelligence, daring the listener to actually think, Shai Hulud prove that there is integrity amidst hardcore's abundance of intensity. Anyone half interested in finding out more about hardcore should be given Hearts Once Nourished... as their first lesson. While Shai Hulud may not have pioneered the genre, they certainly deserve recognition for releasing one of the genre's most exquisite masterpieces

Sirens And Sailors

"The Almighty Sirens & Sailors", a title earned by the band born and raised from the blue collar city of Rochester, NY. Similar to their working class homestead, Sirens & Sailors are a rare breed of hardworking, committed, and dedicated musicians. Many have defined them by their ferocious live performances, and their ability to grasp the attention of a crowd. Sirens & Sailors are the fresh blood that the withering metal community's veins so desperately crave.


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This Or The Apocalypse with Sworn In, Shai Hulud, Sirens And Sailors

Sunday, January 19 · Doors 6:00 PM at The End - Nashville

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