Spilled Milk Social Club Fundraiser, Adam & The Bull Shark Book/CD Release Party

Spilled Milk Social Club Fundraiser

spilled milk social club (smsc) is a creative collective whose primary goal is to provide an environment for young people wherein they may explore creativity and the arts from myriad perspectives. The founders of spilled milk social club each have extensively diverse experiences working with kids, and have come together, combining their super-forces to not only provide summer and after-school care for Central Austin families, but have also built a curriculum rich with thought provoking activities to encourage (for each child) the realization of their most prominent philosophy: EVERYONE HAS THE CAPACITY TO BE CREATIVE.

So, what’s all the hype about creative capacity, you may ask? We at smsc believe that no one has an excuse to utter the phrases “I’m not creative,” or “I can’t.” By providing youngsters with a variety of opportunities to create, craft, play, and cooperatively experience success, we will aid in the development of strong, independent, and clever life long learners. In promoting creativity as an expectation rather than unattainable dream, our program fosters a sense of independence, critical thought, and empowerment. And we have lots and lots of fun in the process!

As founders of spilled milk social club, Stella Maxwell and Ali Epperson form a duo of super-creative, super-exciting, super-dedicated grown-ups-who-refuse-to-“grow-up.” Both graduates of the University of Child Craft with PhDs in general awesomeness, we share a common gratitude to Harma and Ken Jordan, who have owned and run Child Craft Schools since the dawn of time, and have contributed a great deal in our own growth and learning. While it isn’t our first foray into the world of awesomizing, (<- totally a word) kids, spilled milk social club is a big deal for us, as we’ve been building toward it for some time now. We’re two friends who love learning, imagination and creativity, but most of all, we love working with kids.

Adam & The Bull Shark Book/CD Release Party

After twelve years of making music on the road and at home, local darlings Cruiserweight disbanded in 2010. Siblings Stella and Urny Maxwell took a brief pause from the spotlight and international touring and then jumped head first into a new project- Adam and the Bullshark. Half rock band, half children’s story, the undertaking is ambitious, to say the least. While never dismissing the sincerity or success of their former band, the Maxwells agree: Their new venture has teeth.

With bullshark pinatas on display and party favors to boot, Adam and the Bullshark’s shows are punk-rock and grandiose at the same time, but always captivating.

$5 Children / $15 Adults

Tickets Available at the Door

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Spilled Milk Social Club Fundraiser, Adam & The Bull Shark Book/CD Release Party

Sunday, December 1 · Doors 2:00 PM at Antone's - NEW LOCATION

Tickets Available at the Door