Society Sucker

We sound just like your favorite band.

Good Times, Partying, Skateboarding, Cook-Out, Tanktops, Beef Jerky

Reveal Renew

Reveal Renew is not just our name, it's a statement in itself. Reveal Renew is a change of perspective through music, and a realization that we are meant for something much greater. We stand only by grace, and share these creations to show that there is life to be lived and in abundance as well. Standing divided rather than united seems to be the trend these days, but if we were to see compassion as more of a cure than a disease, then maybe true freedom can be achieved. Take these songs for what they are. Phrases for the living.



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Tremont Music Hall


Distrust with Society Sucker, Born Hollow, Reveal Renew, Nebraska Bricks

Saturday, November 23 · Doors 7:30 PM / Show 8:30 PM at Tremont Music Hall