Death on Wednesday, Jason Cruz and Howl, The Pullmen, Strike Twelve

Death on Wednesday

"Death On Wednesday's music was held up in the wake of their last record label's demise and the fans left wondering what happened to the band. Now recently signed to Chanl Records, Death On Wednesday is re-releasing their material so it can finally get it's much deserved exposure. Get ready as the band creates the new momentum- new music is coming soon!!!"

Jason Cruz and Howl

Medicine show Hallucinations and broken heart promises to a vacant sky HOWL is the newest incarnation of singer songwriters Jason Cruz and Buddy Darling ( Strung Out and the Darlings ) . Along with Nick Dibiasi on drums and percussion and Chris Stein on bass HOWL is a new unique voice in a sea of white noise that sets out to lure in the listener and keep them close . With an American scope of love and war , tales of devils and saints , lonely roads and drunk saviors HOWL frames the modern world in a traditional soundscape and delivers its story to the smell of rottin beer no name bars in the dark shifty part of town . Look for the band in a dive near you and an ep on the way .

The Pullmen

"Superb... music that sounds like Waylon Jennings drank a whole goddamn bottle of whiskey and wants to kill you." - Loyalist Proclamation

The Pullmen have drawn comparisons ranging from Against Me!, to the Pixies, to "The Dead Milkmen's Rodney Anonymous fronting Modest Mouse" and "If Tom Waits scored a Sergio Leone movie." -Ventura County Reporter

"Old Western punk? Progressive folky punk? Nothing I write here will do more than what your ears can do." -

"What makes this record great: the abject insanity of it". - Michael Cicero / Ventura County Reporter

"Western Thrash" is the flag they've run up the pole, and it's a worthy frame for their flavor. A deep, informed core of western rock & roll swaggers and twangs underneath the haunting dead-drunk howl of singer Shane Cohn – equal parts Tom Waits, Dickie Barrett and Jim Beam. The guitars retain all the sparkle and shine that you'd expect in any self-respecting country band, but the soul of the music is decidedly heavier, making them either the slowest punk band or the hardest western band you've ever heard – and it probably seemed smarter to advertise themselves as the latter. Either way, Cohn's love-it-or-hate-it vocal instrument acts as the perfect hook for the band and the solid songwriting speaks to the boys' experience.

The songs feel lived-in, familiar and worn like an old rancher's jacket. You won't hear anything on here that you haven't heard before – themes of lost love, loneliness, fights and a pitch-perfect duet ("When The Rope Gets Tight") between the no-goodnik and his lady leaving him for another. "Mourning Song" is classic 'wake up alone' blues with Cohn's guttural howl and drummer Erin Sidney's brutal two-step kicking your ass, and it's unlikely that anyone but Mark Lanegan can mean the word "goddamn" any more than Cohn as the song rampages toward its conclusion - out the saloon door, into the night. "Oak View" lilts and stumbles like a man and his whiskey pleading for a chance at redemption. And "Killing Boots" sees a jealous Dear John, halfway back into his lover's arms, lose his mind and put a bullet in The Other Guy and…

Holy buckets, this is a concept album (or, to be fair, a concept EP). Sure, the songs sound and feel familiar even when the vocals and beat shock, but all that familiarity is subverted when you step back and follow its storyline. A story we've heard before, sure, but westerns have always had simplicity and style on their side, and the Pullmen have executed this magic trick beautifully. The scariest thing about the Western Score is its narrative plausibility – when the kill finally happens with only a minute left on the disc, the narrator has spent so much time establishing that he's just like one of your dumbass, girl-obsessed drunkard friends that you're startled but not surprised. It's not a kill for the sake of a kill, but a crime of passion that any one of us can understand.

All in all - badass. Pick it up
-by Danger, of Countless Thousands

Strike Twelve

Strike Twelve is every bar owner/patron’s dream – a beer-drinking, song-playing, hilarious, energetic party on stage. It’s hard to say exactly what to expect from a show, but having Strike Twelve in the lineup means you’re in for a fun night.

The band first started jamming together in 2000 when its three founding members – Matty T (guitar/vocals), Joey T (bass/vocals), and Danny B (drums) – were all sophomores in high school. They met through a common love of fast, energetic music and a desire to beat the shit out of their instruments together. "We play music because it gets our adrenaline going and allows us to share our excitement and good times with those around us," says Joey.

Now, over 10 years and 150 shows later, they’ve beefed things up with the addition of Joey’s younger brother Andy on second guitar. They’ve shared the stage with many of the acts that inspired them, including Strung Out, Propagandhi, Unwritten Law, Reel Big Fish, Guttermouth, Authority Zero, The Ataris, Death By Stereo and Voodoo Glow Skulls. They signed to Felony Records in 2010 and have released two full-length albums, “Killing California” and 2012's "Moonshine" which are both available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and at any of their shows.

$8.00 - $10.00


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Death on Wednesday, Jason Cruz and Howl, The Pullmen, Strike Twelve

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