Junior League

Junior League

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Lissy Rosemont came to Washington DC to pursue her graduate degree at Georgetown. Lissy grew up with three distinctive musical influences 1) her mother waking up the house every morning by playing hymns on the piano 2) her father waking her up in the middle of the night to sing his favorite Hank Williams tunes to his buddies and 3) her family's fiddler's festival in Union Grove, NC where she has been performing or watching her father perform since she was a child. Alison Krauss's "Baby Now that I Found You Collection" was in constant rotation in her Atlanta home, coming out of every sibling and parent's room, and is considered (along with Pearl Jam) the largest influence on Lissy's love of vocalists. In 2000, after high school graduation, Lissy and three Georgia friends followed Pearl Jam around western Europe and the Southeast on the "Binaural" tour, confirming her deep love for rock music and poltical activism. In college, when Lissy was introduced to Bela Fleck, Lissy bought a banjo at Ben Harper's mother's folk music store while visitng a friend in LA, though she didn't begin official lessons in music theory and picking until 2006. While working as a federal employee at the National Institutes of Health, Lissy was briefly in the "Rosemont Family Reunion", an americana obscura rock band based out of a co-op housing basement in DC's Columbia Heights. When the band decided to split in November 2006, she and her now fellow Junior Leaguers begat this band. Lissy still performs with her father, Hal Beaver and Blackgrass, at Union Grove every memorial day in North Carolina.



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Junior League with Walker's Run

Saturday, November 30 · 9:00 PM at Black Cat