Escarioka is a multicultural collective that began at the end of 2002 in Elizabeth, NJ. They are the product of an explosion of energy based on the fusion of HARD-CORE, PUNK DUB, TROPICAL, RAGAMUFFIN among other rhythms of the world.


Soulful vocals, socially conscious lyrics, blazing horns and flamenco-tinged guitars. Rhythms from Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America mixed with some NYC grit.



NUMASBALA is an 8-piece world-beat band known for its incredible fusion of reggae, funk, afrobeat, champeta, gipsy and ska, called “sacudón.”

After having met in 2007 at Berklee College of Music, the band members joined to create powerful music that gathered their positivity and upbeat energy, while reflecting the band member’s various backgrounds and playful personalities. The result were percussive rhythms mixed with tropical, afro-influenced horns that integrated with their trademark witty, humours and sarcastic lyrics. It reminded listeners that though music can be reflective, in the end it is also fun and games.

In fall 2012, NUMASBALA self-released their full-length album A Ver, which narrates a story of vivid landscapes and humorous metaphors inspired by the band's 5-year journey. The title translates from Spanish into a play of words -"to see," "to sea,"or "let's see." It dares the listener to explore the fusion of afro-Latin rhythms and find hidden stories in their surreal poems, all with the purpose of lifting spirits.


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Escarioka with Karikatura, Numasbala

Sunday, November 24 · 7:30 PM at Cameo Gallery

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