The Minneapolis, MN-based quintet Quietdrive formed in 2003 when friends Brandon Lanier (drums), Droo Hastings (bass), and Justin Bonhiver (guitar) heard some MP3s posted online by singer Kevin Truckenmiller and contacted him about starting a band. Truckenmiller agreed, bringing in college friend Matt Kirby (guitar, vocals) to complete the group. Quietdrive then spent the next year and a half touring around the Midwest, gaining attention both from their live show and their MySpace site. Shortly after signing to Epic in late 2004, Quietdrive changed their name to "Sneaker 2 Bomb," but recanted the decision before their debut album, When All That's Left Is You, was released in 2006.

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The Role Call

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN and gaining recognition fast since their birth in 2012, The Role Call is a pop rock quintet that is determined to be heard. After working with producers Jordan Schmidt (All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack, Paradise Fears) and Pat Brown (Sing It Loud), the band put out their debut self-titled EP late spring of 2012. Following the release of their debut EP, The Role Call went on to embark on their first tour, as well as connecting with fans by playing private living room shows. After spending time on the road as well as gaining some recognition from the music scene, The Role Call decided it was time to put out new music. They decided to work with producer Jordan Schmidt again to release their follow-up EP titled "Like I Do" late spring of 2013. Motivated and nothing short of charismatic, each member is both creative and determined to keep the band on its feet and pushing towards the spotlight. Keep an eye out for The Role Call to see when they will be coming through your city.

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