Randsburg, Statues of Cats, Tubby Boots

Formed in 2010 by Bryce Schlange, Austin Fullmer, and Wyatt Fullmer. Randsburg makes warm, deprecating music with a story on top. Joined by bassist Dave Pelusi, and keys player James Ransom. Randsburg has been building a following and reputation by putting on fun shows that draw fun people.

In a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant... A few friends met to feed their appetite for adventure... and tacos.

In the midst of conversation a golden figure caught their eye... Yuki, the lucky cat, perched herself upon a high shelf of this crude establishment. She stared kindly at the group of friends. Eyes wide and a single paw in the air waving. The friends sat in awe at the cat and came to a life changing conclusion... that Yuki would be the guiding light, in their quest for rock 'n' roll salvation!

Statues of Cats was born, and ready to bring music, laughter and assorted treats to the public... Get ready people... the adventure starts right meow!

Tubby Boots



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Detroit Bar

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Randsburg, Statues of Cats, Tubby Boots

Tuesday, November 19 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Detroit Bar