The Fine Constant (CD Release), Skizzwhores, Dun Bin Had, _ash Aria_

The Fine Constant (CD Release)

The band formed in early May when Sarah Longfield reached out to her compatriots in an attempt to begin performing her solo material in a live setting. Within a just few short weeks the line-up was solidified. Months of touring, writing, and collaborating are soon to follow.


When Q. was 8 years old she got her first punk album, ...And Out Come The Wolves by Rancid. When she turned 12 she picked up the guitar. Then by the time she was a fresh, angry, 14 year-old punk she decided to start writing songs. By the time she reached the age of 16 she went on her first acoustic tour with about 10 - 15 songs under her belt.

Then she met Mr. Matt Spiewak, a musically trained Jazz drummer with influences such as Tool and Primus. They jammed, and despite the musical differences, it worked. After they decided they wanted to get a band going they began looking for a bass player and a singer. That's when Jordan Post, a friend from the same high school, joined the crew. Being the amazing bass player he was, Mr. Post fit in quite well musically. Though the looked, they never ended up finding a lead singer so Q. just took over singing, even though it was originally her plan to do back up vocals. Since she had been singing, playing, and writing her original songs, she relaxed into the position of lead singer.

After many band practices they fell into the name: The Half-Ass Shits. Not much happened with this line up, as Jordan eventually moved to Milwaukee to do college and have a life of his own. Matt and Q. continued as a 2 piece band, who played basement and park shows occasionally. With month breaks at a time not alot was happening for them musically. After dealing with personal issues such as moving, college, addiction, relationships, and just the chaos of moving into adulthood things started looking up for the two piece duo.

In the fall/winter of 2012, after almost half a year without playing together, they began practicing again. That March, Q. put together a Spring DIY show. For a brief period of time they added Jessie Shackelford on bass. They practiced, and played that DIY show in March. He only played with them for that show. Though the show was unsuccessful, it got them back to playing what would be a year of many more shows.

A month or so later they got a gig at a basement venue called The Owl Sanctuary [RIP] and that's when things started to speed up again. That's where they met Sir Dave Bonson. The Half-Ass Shits were in need of two things: A bass player and a new name. They wanted to change their name, because that spring they had a segment on the local radio station 89.9 WORT and they had to censor their name. So Dave joined the band and with that they changed their name to Skizzwhores.

Even though Dave had never played bass in a band before, he picked it up faster then most would have. ...and finally! Skizzwhores were full and ready to tear up each show that they played. They played more basement venues. The Frequency. The Wisco. The Dragonfly Lounge. Down and Over. The Pollock In and other places.

They released their first OFFICIAL demo: "Exploding Ovaries." It was recorded at the music space on Park Street by Mr. Mike Scheutte and the cover was designed by Sam Urai. They are free for download and free in person [donations are appreciated for band fun moneys though].

Dun Bin Had

DBH have been rockin since 2004. Starting off as a punk ska band taking influences from 90s bands such as OP-IVY, FYP, Rudiments, Grimple, Chrimpshrine, as well as other crusty pop punk and dirty ska bands. As of recently DBH has stepped away from the ska and are embracing their gutter pop style and epic fist in the air sing alongs. DBH has two records out ILL Timed Shananigins, and Booze Train, as well as a hand full of split 7 inchs and one self titled 7 inch. DBH is also no stranger to the road with five US tours as well as many west coast runs under their belts. We just are putting the finishing touchs on a new record (Any Given Moment) coming out on Vinyl and already out on cassette and download.

_ash Aria_

The _ash Aria_ project was concieved in the fall of 2006.. whether I knew it at the time or not. In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, I started to write music again and it became therapuetic. Emotions started to pour and they developed into an idea.. over time, the idea developed into a vision.. the vision developed into what you see and hear. So much more to come.. stay tuned.

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The Fine Constant (CD Release), Skizzwhores, Dun Bin Had, _ash Aria_

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