Piss N' Blood, Bombay Snakes, The Last Gang, Blank Expressions

Piss N' Blood


Piss N’ Blood’s self-released debut album ‘F.T.W.’ is Punk Rock’s return to true musical and socio-political relevance. As well as a blistering indictment on U.S. politics, war, religion, consumerism, greed, apathy, substance abuse, the music industry and Punk Rock itself. Marcus Solomon from S.L.A.M.! Scene writes “These four steady rockers from Orange, CA must have been baptized in unholy water blessed by the notorious Johnny Rotten himself. If the U.S. had created the Sex Pistols first it would have sounded like this; pissed-off, anthemic, and scathingly socially-critical. Everything this band does is truly solid, heavy, and infectious.” Piss N’ Blood had the help of two longtime industry heavyweights on board to record and master ‘F.T.W.’ The album was engineered by Jeff Moleski who has recorded past albums for Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hole, and Jimmy Cliff. He has also worked with Motorhead, and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Moleski offered Piss N’ Blood his services after seeing the band play a bar show in which he was thoroughly impressed by the performance. Mastering was handled by mastering guru Howie Weinberg. Weinberg has mastered albums for Nirvana, The Clash, Ramones, and Rancid to name just a few. ‘F.T.W.’ is currently available on-line through iTunes, and Amazon. It is also available at record stores everywhere and available at on-line stores such as Angry Young and Poor, and Interpunk.

Piss N’ Blood was formed by front man Ron Anger and guitar player Cam Mosavian in August 2007. Compared over and over again to the Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Stooges, and New York Dolls, Marcus Solomon writes “Lead guitarist Mosavian puts the crunchy chords exactly where they need to go, and when he drops back for a fill, the riffs would make Steve Jones proud.” Anger is the former vocalist for the once infamous Orange County band Lost Cause. The 1982 release of ‘Forgotten Corners’ by Lost Cause is the first Punk Rock album ever distributed by MCA Records. TapouT Magazine’s Adam Coffin wrote “There are some truly talented bands playing the clubs at the moment and of these bands, one springs to mind as being at the pinnacle. They are Piss N’ Blood led by the charismatic and opinionated Ron Anger.” Piss N’ Blood also features the ferocious and driving rhythm section of drummer Parker Johnston and bassist Mike Betancourt. Piss N’ Blood released ‘Treason’ as their first single in May 2009 with ’24 Hour Machine’ as the B-side track. “Fucking A! Piss N’ Blood has had enough. Ripping to shred bullshit at large, their ace back to back Treason single is a rumble waiting to happen. Ron Anger spews it like it is, don’t like it, fuck you. A wake up call for today’s youth” wrote SugarBuzz Magazine’s editor Lucky. “When you hear the standout single ‘Treason’ it will get firmly stuck in your head for days” - S.L.A.M.! Scene. The song ‘Old Boring Rebels’ which was recorded during the ‘Treason’ single sessions would later show up in 2011 on the Gasoline Records compilation ‘The Sounds of Gasoline’ (Vol. 5).

Sharing the stage with bands such as The Casualties, The Business, Agent Orange, The Dickies, C.J. Ramone, Guttermouth, Reagan Youth, D.I., Duane Peters, Angry Samoans, Channel 3, Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag), Ron Emory (T.S.O.L.), Rikk Agnew (The Adolescents) Bermondsey Joyriders, and many more, Piss N’ Blood has set out to make a reputation for themselves as the most venomous Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the world. Every time Anger opens his mouth is proof of that as seen and heard in numerous magazine and radio interviews. Or just read the lyrics! With nihilist charm the band takes great pride in calling themselves “the most relevant and important band in existence.” Piss N’ Blood is just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up!

Bombay Snakes

Originated from Costa Mesa CA, Bombay Snakes are Fronted by Mark Blaster and Jaclyn Bassaline, surrounded by deep pocket from drummer Tommy Duke and bassist Timmy Strange. This band makes for fun listening and a must see performance. Playing balls out Rock N Roll with Punk Rock roots, Bombay Snakes catches audience by surprise with great tunes, great people, and a fun show.

The Last Gang

The Last Gang is a punk band led by local OC musician Brenna Red. TLG is bred out of So Cali and their sound has a hint of pop appeal while still maintaining its gritty punk rock roots. DIY created and fueled.

Blank Expressions

Blank Expressions dripped from the sweaty armpit of Los Angeles, known
as the San Gabriel Valley. For those who are not familiar with this
suburban cesspool, itʼs a place of vital musical history with a thriving
underground music scene. After about a year of assembling this bastard
band, going through five different drummers (go figure!), two different
singers, and various personnel incarnations, the invigorated Blank
Expressions are now making the rounds in L.A. from the beach to the vast
Inland Empire.

Blank Expressions is a high-energy, full-throttle new wave/punk band.
Members range from hard-core punkers to metal-edged rockers. With a
unique blending of these influences, Blank Expressions create a wall of
sound energizing all who bear witness to their stellar live shows.



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Piss N' Blood, Bombay Snakes, The Last Gang, Blank Expressions

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