King's, Chamber Band (Residency), SqueezeRock, Ivan & The Terribles (Solo)


Wouldn't Have Told Her
by King's


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Written by Emma Blankinship. Performed by Kings.
released 03 February 2014
tags: alt county rock rock & roll country folk country rock Brooklyn
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Kings is sad but only in song. Theirs is a world that embraces a musical past where song-writing is the east and pizza is the sun. When a band could make a little thing like heartbreak sound as good as good as Kris Kristofferson, George Jones, or the Rolling Stones (but cuter).

Chamber Band (Residency)

Sounding equal parts The Decemberists and the White Stripes (by way of Danny Elfman), Chamber Band – a name taken ironically, we’re told – endlessly strives to strike the right balance between playing no-frills indie rock and telling a good goddamn story. The Brooklyn five-hander has a propensity towards keeping it brief, burning through their jams with hooky, minimalist musicality, stopping only to guzzle their drinks or poll the audience about “where the Catan at.” They’re currently playing and promoting their debut album, Deities – eleven sticky tracks about love and heartbreak in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.


Squeeze Rock is An Accordion Alternative. Triple-A from Julz-A, the best rapping accordion player in the world!

Ivan & The Terribles (Solo)


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King's, Chamber Band (Residency), SqueezeRock, Ivan & The Terribles (Solo)

Thursday, March 13 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at Spike Hill