Claes Cem

Claes Cem

If you ask Claes how best to experience his music, he will smile and say, “Join me at my next concert!” His live performance has been shaped by a life of touring the road, building fans from the Highlands of Scotland to the Turquoise Sea of the Caribbean.

Performing started early at the age of 8 when Claes first picked up his mother’s guitar. Being left-handed, he took a cue from Jimmy Hendrix, stringing the guitar upside down. This worked well, until his mother got fed up with not being able to play her own instrument, at which point Claes taught himself to play right handed.

After winning “Best Singer” at the 2008′s Emergenza contest in Copenhagen, and touring with the Scottish band “Injuns”, Claes went on to collaborate with Grammy Award winning engineer/producers Carlos Bedoya on the EP “Rosie,” which got national radio play in Denmark. Most recently Claes’ songs have appeared on TV projects such as the TV series “Extreme Makeover” and the “Bachelor”.

Claes’ voice is reminiscent of the legendary artist Billy Joel with a sound that is comparable to many emerging bands today such as Mumford and Sons and Fun.

Claes is now working on his highly anticipated debut album to be released in the US early 2014 with songs produced by mega producer/songwriter Scott Mathews.


Determined to help revive authentic, soulful rock music, KINGSBOROUGH has become one of the North Bay’s most entertaining and fastest rising acts. The band’s influences range from The Allman Brothers and Bill Withers to Rage Against the Machine and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, resulting in a beautiful hurricane of widely diverse original material. Armed with heart pounding rhythms, dazzling guitar solos and powerful vocal harmonies, this powerhouse 5 piece is living proof that rock n’ roll is still alive and well.

Austin James Hicks


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Claes Cem with Kingsborough, Austin James Hicks

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