Juliette Commagère

Juliette Commagère

Synth prodigy and vocal dream, Juliette Commagere, decides to get out of bed and make a new record! In her third solo effort titled “Human”, Commagere constructs a dark and evocative musical landscape meant for the starkness of the Mojave Desert or night drives through L.A.– when the sun is getting low behind the palm trees and you’re trying to get home and you’re marveling at how East Hollywood still has some grit and somehow you have never felt so alone… Absolutely no barbecues, red-wine-drinking-dinner-making, cutesy-tech-commercials, or farm to table restaurant playlists allowed!

Some people have amazing stories to tell. Some people can’t think of one. I’ve never been to rehab, I don’t have famous parents, I actually did well in high school (I even went to college), I’ve never lived on the street or in my car, I’m not from some exotic or remote place, I’ve never been into suicide–I’m not even on anti-depressants (but actually I probably should be). Nevertheless, I still can’t get enough of writing songs and making records. I guess it’s something I was just born with. Unlike most children, my parents said I used to sing and dance around the house all the time. I started playing the piano at five months old, and I started singing at six months. My dad used to put me on his lap and I would bang on the keys. And now look at me.

For my third solo endeavor I decided to try a minimalist approach. What would happen, I thought, if I tried to restrain myself. Well the answer is that I would forget that was ever my intention and I would just add and add and accumulate and accumulate. But that’s just a metaphor for my life. I like to have as many things around me at all times. No one is allowed to sit next to me in the van because I need space for my piles of trash and clothes and activities.

But in all seriousness, here is my record called “Human” and it is actually very serious. When I go out into the world I am like a clown, but my records are me crying on the inside. And everyone needs a record for all occasions– barbecues, making dinner, da club, and for the very few–putting on some headphones, closing your eyes, and just listening.

A recent transplant fom Atlanta, GA to Santa Monica, CA, Tyler Lyle has self-released five independent projects in the last four years. A self-described 'old soul', Tyler's lyrics carry the weight and understanding that go far beyond his twenty-five years. His latest album, The Golden Age & The Silver Girl, is a collection of songs written in and in the aftermath of a relationship. Recorded in one day, the day before Lyle boarded a plane for the superior California weather, the album is a singular statement; an over-exposed Polaroid of a point in time with affecting lyrics, carnival-esque folk production and an honest self-awareness that makes this an instantly relatable classic. The Golden Age & The Silver Girl was self-released on digital platforms on February 7th, 2012.

Alec Benjamin

Before finding his place behind an acoustic guitar and in front of an audience, 17-year-old singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin sheepishly confesses to having once been an aspiring rapper. "The first record I ever owned was Eminem's, 'The Eminem Show.' I can remember sitting in school and writing rhymes in the margins of my notebooks instead of paying attention. I know it drove my teachers nuts!" His dreams of rap superstardom have long since vanished, but his musical aspirations have taken on new meaning.

Upon entering high school, Benjamin began broadening his musical preferences to include soul artists like Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and Stevie Wonder. Inexplicably moved by what he heard, it wasn't long before Benjamin picked up the guitar and taught himself to play as a way to pay homage to these iconic musicians. "It quickly dawned on me that I was strumming along with the chords of songs that transformed generations. The words that I was singing united me with the millions of people across the globe who share the same genuine love for this music as I do." Benjamin says it was this realization that inspired him to take another stab at writing his own songs, only this time, he aimed to pen soulful melodies instead of rhymes. Of his writing style Benjamin says, "I think things are best when in their most natural state. I feel that a song is good when it can be broken down to its bare bones structure, just an acoustic guitar and a voice, and it still makes you want to sing. If I can do that, then I might just have something."

After spending countless afternoons holed up in his bedroom crafting songs, Benjamin decided it was time to share his music with an audience. While he has been compared to Jason Mraz and Amos Lee, he somehow found himself opening up for an ACDC tribute band in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona for his first live performance. "I was so nervous before I walked on stage that I forgot my set list," he reveals, "my palms were so sweaty I was worried I would have trouble playing, but I made the best of it and I walked away feeling excited and proud."

These days Benjamin continues to work on perfecting his craft, frequently playing for audiences in both Phoenix and Los Angeles and collaborating with talented songwriters (including Stefan and Sacha Skarbek) with a single goal in mind: bringing people together. "We all come from different walks of life," he explains, "but music is a common denominator for all of us, something we all share."


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