Drunken Sufis

Drunken Sufis

"Do you want to live forever?" asks a disconcerting text-to-speech computer voice from a terrifying hypercapitalist future Baghdad on the abrasive fourth LP, "DroneWars," from Brooklyn psych-punks Drunken Sufis. Oscillating between fast-paced, SST Records fueled aggression and dark, droning instrumentals, ‘DroneWars’ imagines a bleak future blighted with unbridled greed and disturbing psychological manipulations in a free-market-gone-wrong future Baghdad, fraught with organ harvesters and psychoactive chemicals. Between searing guitars, disjointed drum breaks, and sinister Speak ‘n Spell voiceovers, the desolate ‘DroneWars’ landscape is as compelling as it is heavy and terrifying. David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Strokes, New Order) describes it aptly, "It's like David Lynch's wet dream, or John Cage playing guitar with his dick, or both at the same time… Zappa is smiling." Andy Gill (Gang of Four) called it a “rabbit hole,” succinctly noting, “Crikey, yes… quite punchy stuff." Beardfood called 'DroneWars' "intense future punk rock, mutilated electronics and apocalyptic soundscapes....a true masterpiece." This show marks their official NYC release show.

by goth traveler:

"EULA is something I took home and was accidentally on time for. As they were setting up nothing about them suggested how awesome and crazy they would sound to me. They were so casual setting up and so sweet and cool to talk to afterwards. I talked to lead guitarist/singer Alyse Lamb and bass player Jeff Maleri, but that's later after they made me a fan. The drummer from Panda Riot next to me knew who he was about to see and so I trusted this. Loyalty, or frequent observation of your local bands pays off in what they discover along their tours, and what they bring back. It's been taking me forever trying to describe the music. Where do I start aside from saying I'm a rabid new fan. There is nothing formulaic about them, nothing that sounded too familiar, which is the case with most of what I dislike. When they telegraph what they say, or how they say before they say it and it sounds like a vague trend unaware of itself. EULA tripped no such wire in my head. This band with it's aggression in the bass, guitar and drums just imprinted a parking spot onto my memory. EULA are not relaxed, casual. They are ready and aggressive, and having fun with it."

$8.00 - $10.00

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Drunken Sufis with Eula, Think Tank, "Sal P's Improv Project" w/ members of Liquid Liquid

Thursday, December 12 · 8:00 PM at Cameo Gallery

Tickets Available at the Door