Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs, Chantal Claret, The Singles

Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly was born in London and grew up in a bohemian household. She was fed a diet of psychedelic, blues and soul music. Lawyer Dave was raised in Texas on a diet of religion, country blues, and forbidden heavy metal. The end result of this combination is pure magic on their new album, Medicine County. Genuine love and quick-witted banter have made the duo unique and down-right entertaining. They live in rural Georgia.

Having never sung a note before, Holly kicked off her musical career in the legendary garage band Thee Headcoatees. After four years as a Headcoatee, Holly started a solo career, whilst still singing with the band. Her first full length record, released in 1995, was The Good Things. Since thed, she has become one of the most interesting and diverse artists to emerge from The Medway Delta.

Holly primarily writes her own material, interspersed with a wide range of cover songs by such artists as Willie Dixon, Ike Turner, Lee Hazlewood, Wreckless Eric, and Bill Withers to name a few. Although her sound has remained remarkably consistent throughout her career, each record has a quality that sets it apart from the others.

Aside from her own records, Holly has also made guest appearances on various other projects over the years, from bands such as Mudhoney, The White Stripes, etc. In fact, due to her initial collaboration with The White Stripes, she was then invited to sing a duet with frontman Jack White on the track "It's True That We Love One Another," which then appeared on the Stripes breakthrough album Elephant. It was this exposure that gave her a much wider audience for the future.

A few albums later brought Holly to her 2007 release, You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying, in collaboration with long-time friend and US touring companion Lawyer Dave. The two became the collective Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs and have been making records together ever since. This particular album of songs was recorded at home and it is packed with great tunes and eccentric themes.

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs' follow-up album Dirt Don't Hurt (Transdreamer Records/2008) was recorded during a short break in the middle of a 50-date European tour. Holly and Lawyer Dave found themselves in Gijon, Spain where they spent five days in the vintage analog studio, Circo Perotti, producing 14 gritty tracks that truly reflect the album's title.

More recently, The Brokeoffs have been at it again with the release of their four-song EP Devil Do (Transdreamer Records) in late 2009. The EP features an even more devilish live version of "Devil Do," which originally appeared on You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying, and an up-tempo Brokeoff-flavored version of "One More Fact" from Holly's Painted On release. Holly and Dave do amazing justice to Lee Hazlewood's classic "Dark In My Heart"; and master an even trippier version of their own "Whoopie Ti Yi Yo," which also appeared on You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying.

Now at the start of a new year, the Brokeoffs prepare for their most recent release, Medicine County, out March 30, 2010 via Transdreamer Records. Recorded in an abandoned, recently foreclosed-upon church near to home, this album features twelve new tracks: eight originals by Golightly & The Brokeoffs alongside traditional numbers like "Blood On the Saddle" and "Jack O'Diamonds."

When describing the new album, Holly says it seems peppier than their last full-length, probably because she and Dave cut the tracks during a rare period of downtime: "There's only one slower song on it, which I didn't notice until afterward," she says. "I just think we had more energy than usual. We hadn't been recording in the middle of a tour, which we had to do for the last record and we had the opportunity to sift through potential tracks and decide. It was a case of [the raucous songs] being the ones that stood out as the ones we wanted to put on it. Having a bit more time makes it different than the other records."

The album kicks off with "Forget It," a track Holly says, "is for people to roller skate to..." Then, "Two Left Feet," a song that Holly advocates "for anyone who can't dance… which has alternatively become known as our porno number." Among other tracks includes a chilling version of "Blood On The Saddle," a childhood favorite of Lawyer Dave. "We felt we could bring some real conviction and passion to this song" Holly says, "gleened from our first hand, personal experiences."

While there's a spectral quality to those traditional songs and others on the album, they offer some levity and a sharp lyrical wit on tunes like "Eyes in the Back of My Head," in addition to the album's title track ("100 miles from nowhere, everybody needs a drink"). As Vanity Fair describes the lead off track, Forget It as "milky keyboards written in a standard key, crisp snare drums, and [Holly's] whisky-soaked voice that sounds like it's being played from a dusted-off record."

Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs plan an extensive U.S. tour this spring in support of Medicine County.

Chantal Claret

Chantal Claret was previously the frontwoman for New York rock band Morningwood, but now she's gone solo and will be releasing her debut solo EP, The Pleasure Seeker, in May with a full-length to follow in June on The End Records. "Bite Your Tongue," a track from the EP, is a soulful, bluesy pop number that should be a hit with fans of singers like Adele and Lily Allen.

The Singles

The Singles has been centered around songwriter/guitarist Vincent Frederick who through numerous incarnations of the band has continued to write strongly melodic pop rock n’ roll songs. In the latest, he joins forces with drummer Nicky Veltman, formerly of the garage rock girl group Gore Gore Girls. Together their sound exhibits a prismatic spectrum of 60s-influenced powerpop, garage rock, and girl group sounds with a touch of modern alternative. The group’s multitude of influences bear traces of the British Invasion, Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, T Rex, Gram Parsons and The Strokes.

Both originally from Detroit, Vince and Nicky knew each other via the vivacious Detroit music scene, of which The White Stripes, Von Bondies, The Sights, and Dirtbombs were all a part of. It was there that Nicky played drums with Gore Gore Girls while Vince lead a powerpop quartet version of The Singles to put out two acclaimed albums: “Better Than Before” (Rainbow Quartz) and then “Start Again” (Sound Artifacts Music), along with numerous singles. After an aborted attempt at a third album, the guitarist headed to the west coast. This is where he met up with Veltman and decided to give The Singles a fresh start.

Now based in LA, The Singles continue to be prolific, writing new music and performing live all the time. The self-released 7” featuring “(She’s Got) A Heart of Stone” backed with “I’m Not Waiting Anymore” (May 2013) is their latest work. And music videos for both tracks have garnered over 17,000 and 7,000 views online. The band is currently at work on a full-length record with the help of producer Rick Parker who produced albums for Lord Huron, Von Bondies, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and countless others. The album is slated for a January 2014 release and the band plans to tour the West Coast and Europe in support of the release.

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Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs, Chantal Claret, The Singles

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