The English Beat

The English Beat

One of the most popular and influential ska groups, The English Beat, rushed on to the music scene in 1979. With Dave Wakeling on vocals and guitar, a string of hit singles followed, including "Mirror in the Bathroom", “Save it for Later”, and “I Confess”. The English Beat play the hits of The Beat and of their side project, General Public.

Rusty Zinn & His Band

Rusty Zinn is currently putting the finishing touches to a new album, ‘Pushing Towards A
Dream’, due out early in 2013. More secular sounding than his current release, ‘Manifestation’,
the new project consists mainly of tunes Rusty has written himself, and exemplifies his
‘journey to the soul of Lovers’ Rock Steady’. Romantic, poignant, melodic and soulful songs,
sung in that immaculate and soulful Zinn manner, and played with a rhythmic finesse that
draws all within earshot to the dance floor.
Beginning in the nineties Rusty Zinn travelled the world over performing Blues and Soul,
and during that time he performed and recorded with many legends in those genres and
received rave reviews, accolades, and award nominations. All who saw and heard him
marveled at his mastery of the idioms, his astonishing guitar playing, his soulful singing – a
musician’s musician. But Blues and Soul was just the beginning of Rusty’s musical journey
which ultimately led him to pursue his deeply rooted love and passion for all things Reggae.
Around 2004 he started to concentrate on reggae to the exclusion of blues, a move that was
as risky financially as it was satisfyingly artistic. In 2007 after a brief self imposed hiatus from
live performances, he released ‘Reggaeblue’ with 11 original songs and a cover of the timeless
classic ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ in a reggae style, accompanied by key members
of the legendary roots reggae backing unit, Soul Syndicate whom he had befriended. The
video of the recording has become a YouTube sensation, with close to 800,000 hits to date,
and currently showing no sign of slowing down, getting over 1000 hits everyday. The release
garnered him a 2007 Joe Higgs Music Award nomination as Best International Reggae Artist.
Chuck Foster wrote, in a review of ‘Reggaeblue’ for The Beat,“...His interest in Jah music is
not of the bandwagon variety” and “did I mention this guy can sing?” and compared his songwriting
talents to the great Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham.
The focus of Rusty’s reggae music is always centered on the voice first and foremost. He
says: “when I was a small child the very first music I remember hearing were vocal groups
like The Spinners and The Stylistics. My parents were always playing music from their youth,
mostly Doo Wop, Sam Cooke, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Fats Domino and so many more. I
think being raised on all that kind of music made me subconsciously develop certain standards
to uphold in my music. Those standards are elements such as soulful singing, good messages,
strong arrangements, nice chord progressions...“ These are the key ingredients in Rusty’s personal
brand of Reggae, plus the undeniable influence and inspiration of such great Jamaican
singers as Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson, Slim Smith and many others.
Rusty performed at the 2009 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival where he was very well
received and then was nominated again for two more Joe Higgs Music Awards; he was nominated
in the Best International Reggae Artist category for the second year in a row and was
also nominated in the Best Male Singer category alongside such notables as Beres Hammond. These nominations were a great honor for Rusty as Joe Higgs, known as The Godfather of
Jamaican Music, has had a huge impact and profound influence on his music, particularly
his approach to songwriting. Other Jamaican performers who have had a huge impact on his
music are his many mentors, Milton Henry, Mikey Mao Chung, Barry Biggs, Clinton Fearon,
Tony Chin, and Fully Fullwood. Rusty sought out many of these Jamaican music notables and
befriended them so that he could soak up the true vibes of some of Reggae’s foundational
singers and musicians. He found that many of these men who are his heroes were more than
approachable and willing to share their knowledge with him. And just as he mastered the
blues genres, so he has thoroughly absorbed the styles and sensibilities of classic reggae and
rock steady. Truly a musician’s musician.
as sly dunbar recently commented “I was blown away by his singing & his voice...his
vocal is clean and smooth. He is a great artist. ‘Nuff respect to Rusty.” Eventually Rusty
decided to travel to Kingston, Jamaica and record a project in the birthplace of Reggae
music. In the spring of 2009 he finally realized that dream and spent two weeks in Kingston
soaking up the vibes and working on a new CD. The project was organized by Rusty with the
help of his friend and mentor, Mikey Chung (Now Generation, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, Sly &
Robbie) who played guitar on six tracks on ‘Manifestation’ Rusty and Mikey were joined on
the six song session in Kingston’s Mixing Lab studio by none other than the great Sly Dunbar
on Drums, Boris Gardiner on Bass, Robbie Lyn on Keyboards and the legendary Scully Simms
on kette drum and percussion. With such true reggae royalty lined up behind him, Rusty has
created a very soulful piece of Reggae art which Roger Steffens has already hailed as “a
lustrous album of all faiths-embracing hymns for the new century.”
Rusty’s current release, ‘Manifestation’ opens with ‘Give Something You’ve Got’
recalling the golden age of early Reggae with a tip of the hat to the great Jimmy Cliff, whose
live performances had a huge impact on Rusty’s decision to make a commitment to sing and
play Reggae music. ‘For Creation’ follows with a classic roots reggae sound featuring some
wicked kette drum work by the aforementioned Scully Simms. There are many other stirring
roots reggae originals on the set with conscious and spiritual messages such as ‘Mankind’
where Rusty asks “why do they call us mankind” rooted firmly in the Rasta wordplay
approach, as well as the title track ‘Manifestation’ which was inspired by Rusty’s belief in
manifesting one’s vision which ultimately led him to Jamaica. On ‘My God’ Rusty gives
insight into his opinion that if all the nations of the world could unite under one Creator,
things would be much better on earth as we know it. The final track is a Dub companion
to My God’ which will excite fans of classic reggae dub sounds. Rusty’s roots reggae are
uncompromising and unapologetic but also have something to offer in the way of inspiration
to all walks of life, to all color, class, and creed.
There are also themes of love as on ‘A Many Splendored Thing’ where Rusty shows his
love for the influence that Doo Wop had on Jamaican music, plus Rusty’s own personal
Rock Steady classic ‘Breakaway (From This Love)’. With its nod to the Treasure Isle sound,
‘Breakaway’ also shows the influence of Rusty’s number one vocal inspiration, the great
Alton Ellis, to whose memory the entire disc is dedicated. Another standout lovers theme is
the radio friendly ‘Put Your Faith In Me’ which may entice fans of Johnny Nash as well as
Jimmy Cliff with its enticing reggae rhythm and melodic hook. As for themes of love, Rusty
simply puts it like this: “My music is all about love. It could be the love for a woman, or the
love for Jah, but it’s all love in the beginning and end.”

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