LoVeSeXy (Prince tribute)

LoVeSeXy (Prince tribute)

LoVeSeXy ..the New England area's only tribute to the music of PRINCE!

LoVeSeXy was formed in 2008 by three local Boston area musicians that shared a love for the artist known as Prince and a desire to bring his music to audiences everywhere!

Rather than focus on outlandish gimmicks and large productions for LoVeSeXy..the focus is a tribute to Prince's amazing songwriting and incredible performances throughout his over 40 year career!

This 6 piece powerhouse group of established musicians performs a wide range of his material from the early years..all the hits that made him a worldwide star....and throughout his career up to today's latest...and will keep any audience...even that person who isn't the biggest Prince fan...highly entertained and dancing all night!

LoVeSeXy showcases some of the finest musicians in New England!
All of the group's members have had over 20 years experience each working with a variety of established recording artists, bands & performance situations in various music.

That level of musicianship along with the dynamic lead singer-frontman Kobie Ali,who posesses a remarkably simular voice and commanding stage presence helps make every LoVeSeXy performance a unique and incredible event!

Miss Fairchild

Mysterious Pop/R&B sensation Miss Fairchild is an 8-piece Boston based Show Band that crafts original songs full of singalong hooks, snappy drums, warm, fuzzy synths and horns dipped in 60's Soul. This engaging mélange, a sound that they call "Good Time Music", awes party people throughout the Northeast and beyond, but to understand their distinctiveness, you would need to be stranded on a small i...sland for your entire adolescence.

Red Vinyl

Putting the rock in rock and roll since 2006. Waltham based - Boston Strong.

Nicole Alexandra

Nicole Alexandra is a singer/songwriter and recent graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Born in Boston, MA, Nicole demonstrated a passion for music at an early age. At seven she started her formal music education, beginning classical piano and three years after, picking up the violin. Practicing diligently, her efforts were rewarded at age twelve when Nicole, then living in Charlottesville, VA, won the CMTA-YOCA piano concerto competition performing Mozart’s Concerto #21. In middle school Nicole joined the school’s choir where she found her passion for singing. As a teenager she spent her time writing, recording and performing live shows. In addition, Nicole has been teaching private piano, violin and voice lessons for the last seven years.

At seventeen she released her first album titled ‘Still Dreaming.” Drawing from a diverse list of genres – soul, pop, gospel and electronic music– Nicole incorporates both the piano and the violin on stage. Nicole is in the process of recording her second album “Shadow.” The majority of Nicole’s inspiration comes from a deep well of personal struggles she experienced in relationships. Her songwriting has always been a “huge part of my healing process.” She hopes her lyrics offer solace to those who have also experienced and overcome struggles. Her rich, soulful vocal style radiates a warmth of spirit that mends the broken heart. Nicole crafts an authentic and sincere sound that appeals across stylistic boundaries. Nicole is also the vocalist in the hip hop group HOli MOli with rapper Jass Bianchi. You can hear Nicole perform at some of New England’s most notable venues.

Smoota (from TV On The Radio)

A singer and trombone player, Smoota writes steamy, sensual songs with a directness and honesty unusual in music. His groovy, provocative, and arousing style has drawn comparisons to Serge Gainsbourg, Barry White, Bryan Ferry, Peaches, and Beck. Renowned for his passionate trombone playing and tours with TV on the Radio, Sufjan Stevens, and Spoon, Smoota has developed a reputation for a rare combination of alluring lyrics and warm, erotic sounds.

Smoota recorded his 2013 debut Fetishes entirely alone, often late at night, less than ten feet from his bed. To create an intimate sound, he limited the instruments to voice, trombone, bass, an old Wurlitzer electric organ, and the Maestro Rhythm King, an early 70s drum machine used by the likes of Little Beaver, Shuggie Otis, and Timmy Thomas. Inspired by the soundscape of Sly Stone's There's A Riot Going On, the wordplay of George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, and the honest, confessional treatment of sex and male-female relations found in his favorite movies and books, Smoota emerged with an intimate concept album unabashedly exploring the rich landscape and dark underbelly of male sexuality. Songs explore sexual fantasy, joyful infidelity, the power of suggestion, bodily functions, violence as aphrodisiac, bedroom mishaps, rock n' roll lust, the erotics of race, and the infinite variety of personal fetishes. Release date is October 29.

Smoota recently completed two 2013 European tours and a tour of Texas. In summer 2013 he will tour Australia, Singapore, Europe, and California.

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LoVeSeXy (Prince tribute) with Miss Fairchild, Red Vinyl, Nicole Alexandra, Smoota (from TV On The Radio)

Saturday, December 14 · 7:30 PM at Church