Eight Feet Tall is often described as a Hip Hop / Funk party
They are a 7 piece group featuring Boston based MC Pete Doom.

8FT's horn section features Kai Sandoval & Vinay Bhatt. They never ceases to entertain audiences with their whacky antics, impressive solos & effect driven fun.

Rounding out the group & holding down the groove is the rhythm section - Rance Mohammed, Lucas Batten & Tom Barry.

8FT is generally compared to artists like The Roots & Atmosphere. They play regularly through-out the Northeast - check their schedule to see when they will be in your city!

Federator No1

Federator No 1 is a 12 piece positive force - 3 horns, 2 vocalists, keys, guitar, bass, 3 percussionists, and a dancer. Federator No 1 will make you dance. They are a big band playing up-tempo afro-beat and afro-dance tunes with a message.

Herban Warfare

Herban Warfare consists of 6 musicians bringing together a variety of unique styles, and the result is a sound people find hard to categorize. We've often been likened to a cross between 311, Atmosphere, and Gorillaz, but you've really never heard anything like this before.

Tyler (aka T.Ross) was left as a baby in the jungle and raised by an unforgiving family of lions. His curiously melodic, effortlessly intricate rhymes have been known to frequently interfere with UFO radio transmissions. Also creating a stir amongst alien establishments: Raquel (aka The Rock), whose vocal mastery of vibrato and tonality are arguably too perfect to be classified as human. Raquel has previously commanded entire armies of musical notes to conquer worlds and enforce inter-galactic peace and understanding throughout the multiverse.

Matt (aka Cymbal-Choker) and Adam (aka Baby Gorilla) were both forged out of raw materials from opposite ends of Planet Mars, only to meet completely by chance at a BC Football game. Specifically designed to tame dragons through the issuance of Funk in its truest form, Matt's bass brings to the table a unique pH balance of chill and punch. On the other end of the spectrum, Adam's proprietary blend of psychedelic, alternative, and experimental vibes (as implemented via guitar and synth) collide with Matt's energy to form a perpendicular Excalibur of sound.

Interwoven into the adventure that is Herban Warfare, add Hartley (aka String-Tickler), a non-pick-using animal on guitar who has been known to dabble in every instrument ever invented by man (and not-man). Hartley's unique style has deep roots in blues, and we have Muddy Waters to thank for his personal one-on-one training. And underneath it all is Jamie, the meat behind the beat. Less a drummer and more a psych ward escapee, his mind is often transported to distant realms; a sort of telepathic time travel that can only be brought on by heavy doses of rhythm.

When the Herbanites unite in a wave of sound, cities crumble and faces melt into pools of ecstasy. Herban Warfare is coming to funk your soul.

$7.00 - $10.00


Start times may vary, headliners always go on later than openers. Openers and Headliners subject to change without notice.

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Eight Feet Tall with Federator No1, Herban Warfare

Wednesday, January 15 · 8:00 PM at Church