Elephant Proof

Elephant Proof is a rag tag group musical mercenaries and battle hardened hired guns who have banded together to fight for a cause they truly believe in; to rid the corrupted music scene of pretense, processed cheese, and pigeon holed art, and to open the minds of oppressed music fans who may have lost their belief that a better tomorrow is just over the horizon. The John Henrys of edm, they are armed with ancient instruments of peace that have been all but forgotten during this dark age of the machines rule. With years of disciplined training as their vehicle and love as their fuel, Elephant Proof's path cannot be swayed by requests of "call me maybe" or even the dreaded "Free Bird." They will shake the earth until balance has been restored in the universe. They will stop at nothing until the righteous grooves that once rained from the heavens and grew from the earth will once again be in abundance for every man, woman, child, and funky alien seeking music for the mind and booty.

Naw just playing, we like fat bass and drrty licks though.

Crooked Coast

To know Cape Cod is to respect the duality of summer and winter: sorrow, dread and angst; beaches, freedom and decadence; doldrums and parties.
So is the life of those living on the Crooked Coast and so are the songs of the band who call the Upper Cape home, in a small town of lovers, rum-runners, and hard-nosed, fast rhyming freaks whose livelihoods are opened to strangers in the summers and then forgotten and left to pick up the pieces in the winter.
With a hard-hitting fusion of rock, dance beats, guitar hooks, harmony and fine songwriting, the Crooked Coast celebrate this vitality of the warmer days and respect the ones lost out in the cold, dark sea.
Formed impromptu, moments before an open slot at a local speakeasy, the then trio – singer/songwriter Luke Vose on guitar and vox, Ben Elder laying down the bass, and Charles Parker-Walton hammering out the island beats on the skins – surpassed expectations and decided to take their impromptu gig to the world beyond.
Soon joined by friend and longtime collaborator, songwriter, producer, singer and guitarist, John Mac, the band came into its own, wrote out a collection of singles and struck out on the road to success.
After their debut, self-titled album and a tour of the Northeast, they are currently in the production room for an album estimated to be out in time for another tour in the spring; expect more of the same: genuine and well written lyrics with a booming and tight band taking listeners through seasons of hot sun and long nights to cold wind, long shadows and back again.

Malabar is seven friends from different backgrounds playing their favorite music, creating a unique blend of reggae, funk, soul, latin, pop and afrobeat.

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Elephant Proof with Crooked Coast, Malabar

Wednesday, January 22 · 8:00 PM at Church