Everyone Dies In Utah

Formed in early 2008, Everyone Dies In Utah underwent a partial member change later that year becoming the band they are today and have since excelled rapidly beyond their expectations. The name "Everyone Dies In Utah" began as a joke in the beginning, but stuck with them through time. Historically, the death rate in Utah was once higher than any other state. Hence, "Everyone Dies In Utah". Within the next year, E.D.I.U. has shared the stage with many famous bands. With an EP release in early June 2009, they've gathered a strong fan base in such a short amount of time and have only just begun.

To all of our fans: All of you mean the world to us and we thank you for all the support you have given us. We couldn't do any of this without you. Each and every one of you play an important part in our lives so if you ever need to talk, feel free to message us on MySpace or talk to us at any one of our shows. We are very sociable people, and we're eager to listen to anything you have to say!

Our music consists of a mixture of Techno Synthetics, Hardcore Dance Rhythms, and a hint of Melodic Lyrical Stanzas thrown together to cohere with the progressive growth of the minds of a new generation. Cherried by unruly titles, our music is meant to make your feet move and your hearts beat to the sound of a rhythm.

Our songs are written to be inspirational to everyone who hears them. We are only Human and we all face difficult times in our lives. We will continue to try to help people through their own situations with our words in music. Feel free to listen as much as you want. We thank all of you, again.

This is only the beginning, and what a beginning it has been. After all, we all step on that stage with one sole purpose: To share our love for music with the world!

Silent Planet

Chasing Addiction

We are Chasing Addiction a band out of the small town of Elizabeth CO. we hail from many different styles of music combined to make one super band. we are currently hard at work recording our EP and to build a fan base go check out our single "It's All Over Now"

I Ate a Monster

Formerly known as Go Ask Alice, we are getting a fresh start and am poised to take the Denver area by storm...
We're an up & coming metal band from Denver, CO. We come from all walks of life, all different cities and states, and all different influences that have inspired us to become the musicians we are today. We are Go Ask Alice, and we're not your typical metal band...female fronted vocals, harmonizing screams and catchy riffs sets us apart from most bands in today's music scene. We play with tremendous heart and fans feel that through the music. We bring singable songs along with brutal breakdowns that keep fans guessing.
Formerly known as Go Ask Alice. We changed our band name because of another european band and plus we wanted a fresh start.

$10.00 - $13.00


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Sunday, November 24 · Doors 5:30 PM / Show 6:00 PM at The Church