The Hawthorne Effect

“The Hawthorne Effect” is the phenomenon by which knowing one is being observed affects one’s behavior.

Every day we are watched by eyes in the sky, by computers and cell phones, by others around us, and by estranged parts hidden deep within, alternate identities within our very selves. This knowing is part of our reality and this reality is now.

The name implies depth and the songs reflect the name. Each song has been carefully crafted from beginning to end, not only to be rich with layers of meaning, but with layers of melody, and musical sensibility. It’s where simplicity meets the source. What we know and don’t speak of; what we see and often forget. The songs are about the general and the specific, serving as projective tests that allow the listener to generate multiple meanings, while packaged neatly inside a well straightforward simple message as well.

The songs are written by John Jauch (Smoke Off Vinyl/Killing the Enemy) mostly on an acoustic guitar. John has been an active member of the Chicago music scene for the past ten years and has had music featured on television and radio programs around the world.

All songs were tracked, arranged, mixed, and mastered at Stranded On A Planet recording studio in Chicago, under the technical and musical prowess of producer Scott Fritz (Nadia Ali, Martha Berner, Cavalier King) and features the talents of several studio musicians: William Sprawls, Bethany Fritz, Tyson Ellert, and of course, Scott Fritz.

The album is a roller coaster of emotion and reflects the differing sides of the human experience not only through lyrics, but also in sound. Addiction, oppression, and mortality are just a few of the topics touched upon in this ten song soundtrack of lives that is unclassifiable as a whole, but familiar as well.

Board of Governors

Board Of Governors is a power-rock trio with music
distinguished by energetic, riff-driven, modern hooks infused with a heavy vintage appeal. Raised on the West Coast, Trevor Hougardy owes much of his guitar and vocal influence to the grunge-rock 90s of Seattle. Born on the other side of the country, drummer John Marino gained popularity touring in the punk-rock scene of the East Coast. Bassist Frey Brown,
a Chicago native, grew up playing in and around the Midwest with various jazz-rock bands. Their widely divergent backgrounds set off a strangely irresistible cataclysm of soundscapes.

Alongside writing, recording a debut EP, and releasing three music videos, the Governors maintain an impressive showing in the independent music scene, including playing at venues like the House of Blues Chicago, Double Door, Lincoln Hall, Schubas, Elbo Room, Martyrs and Mad Planet and winning the 2011 IAM Fest Battle of the Bands competition.

Boots With Spurs

Boots with Spurs is a four piece progressive rock band from Chicago, IL. The band just finished it's second album, entitled "Voodoo or Die: The Sun Never Sets Part 2" released May 5th, 2012. This album is the second installment of their two part conceptual project and features a new member in vocalist, Ty Wyffels. Ty joins original members: Clay Bail, Matt Gonzalez, and David Lugo as they plan on bringing their hard hitting, psychedelic approach to progressive rock to the Chicago music scene.

"{Boots with Spurs music} makes Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ look like a nursery story, whilst Coheed & Cambria can no longer be deemed the most imaginative band on the planet." "I’d hazard a guess that the world just simply is not ready for these kind of ludicrous tales."

John Charles Weston

John Charles Weston is a songwriter, performer, and recording artist based out of Chicago, IL. He favors simple, concise writing and storytelling that draws on the musical traditions classic rock, country, southern rock, pop, Americana, and folk music. John is a member of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and The Chicago Songwrters Collective (CSC). John is also a co-founding member of The Buzzkills as well as the Chicago-based groups Sklut n Weston (w/ Tommy Sklut) and Hotfoot Teddy.



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The Hawthorne Effect with Board of Governors, Boots With Spurs, John Charles Weston

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