Pachanga Boys, No Ordinary Monkey at Output

Pachanga Boys

Pachanga Boys:
Playing as Pachanga Boys, DJ's Superpitcher & Rebolledo have come together to bring to the Cameo Gallery their US Debut. After meeting in Mexico and keeping in touch for years, these two friends eventually found themselves in the studio, crafting early morning trance-like tracks that stretch into the 15 min mark. Their epic hit 'Time' has taken house music by surprise and left fans ecstatic on the dance floor. As a pair, their sets are intricate and developed, drawn out reverb fills in the breaks with live looping and effects.


M A N I K is a young New York City born and bred music producer/DJ thats making huge waves. DJ Mag recently named M A N I K one of their official 'Hot To Watch 2011.' His youthful looks belie the serious and sophisticated musical talent that lies beneath...

The M A N I K discography boasts music releases on the worlds best underground imprints like Josh Wink's Ovum, L.A based Culprit, Steve Bug's highly praised Poker Flat, as well as releases on the almighty Hot Creations- run by Lee Foss and Jamie Jones.
You could throw around any number of "genre-locking terms"– House, Nu-Disco, Funk, Deep House, Acid, Electronica; however, you'd still fail to get to the meaning of M A N I K

Comprising of San Francisco's Clint Stewart and Marc Smith, Safeword is the result of a decade's long friendship and a mutual love for music.
Stewart and Smith have worked side by side on music for years so the eventual pairing was inevitable. "When Clint sent me his
parts to our first track I knew we had something special." says Smith." From then on everything just fell into place."
With a foundation laid down in thick heavy drums, lush melodies and atmospherics, every cut becomes a pulse thumping
cerebral campaign, in which every track leaves an indelible mark on the listener. "We are just now beginning to see what could
flourish here, and the sounds we can create with this dynamic" says Stewart. With a debut ep on Sebrok and Marc Mirior's own imprint,
Paso Music, and an ep on Berlin giants Dessous and Poker Flat, as well as an ep on Alland Byallo's forthcoming label Bad Animal, the duo are just getting started with their assault on dancefloors worldwide.


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Pachanga Boys, No Ordinary Monkey at Output

Saturday, December 14 · Doors 10:00 PM at Output

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