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The Usual Things

Proudly from Minneapolis, MN and led by singer/songwriter Aaron Shekey (pronounced shee-key), The Usual Things mix power pop melodies with midwestern story telling, reminiscent of their humble roots and big city aspirations. Shekey references his own blue-collar family experiences with relatable ambiguity; tales that push the simple, upbeat melodies of the band into surprisingly darker territory.

Their influences range from the story telling of dirty southern rockers, The Drive-By Truckers, to the more hook driven melodies of early Radiohead, to the straight-forward rock fervor of the Foo Fighters. Their latest album Home Sweet Alone explores the consequences of a failed 10-year relationship that could only be described as the quintessential, All-American high school sweetheartdom.
'It's more of a breaking up record. A break-up record implies that everyone's moved on,' says Shekey. He continues, 'It's dark, brutally honest, and all kinds of sad. I've never been more proud of a record.' While it highlights the softer side of a maturing band, Home Sweet Alone doesn't lose its hooks or its bravado. At once it drifts between acoustic interstitials and full-on telecaster thunder—a turning point in both the band's musicianship and lyrical content. Home Sweet Alone is a cohesive, measured effort. 'Everything's out in the open on this one. My fear is it'll be hard for me, personally, to listen to it in a few years' time... but this record absolutely had to be made. It's the best work we've ever done.'

'Incredible songs and solid musicianship without indie haircuts or too-tight pants. Please God, send more.' -Maximum Ink

Small Cities

The Small Cities formed in 2007 in the Twin Cities. They released their self-titled EP in 2008, which cracked the CMJ top 200 and saw the band opening for the likes of The Besnard Lakes and Ladyhawk.

Their first full-length, With Fire was produced and mixed by BMoen of Peter Wolfcrier, and is a more brash affair. Layers of reverb have been stripped away in favor of a more direct, immediate sound. Often meditating on youthful rebellion, the discovery of love, and the pains of grief and regret, With Fire covers a wide musical territory while always remaining melodically direct and engaging.

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