Violet & the Undercurrents

Four-piece, all-female band Violet and the Undercurrents have been described as “..Sophisticated folk-rockers ..” (Columbia Daily Tribune) The Columbia, Mo.-based power house of inventive and creative energy pulls influences from several genres of music and artists, such as The Local Natives, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Ani Difranco, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, and St. Vincent. With such varied inspirations, it’s hard to peg their sound to one genre. From classically trained vocalist, Violet Vonder Haar, Phylshawn Johnson’s and Linda Bott’s years of jazz and indie rock involvement, to Suzuki cellist Caitlin Lukin, the girls bring a lot to the musical table.

Violet and the Undercurrents released their first full-length album, “Hour After Hour” on the Nation of Love record label in July of 2013. The Undercurrents have played to audiences in over 10 US States and countless cities across the country. Most recently, the Undercurrents successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for a month-long tour through the Western U.S. in April and released their newest full length album, “WAVES”.

Who’s who?

Violet Vonder Haar: song manufacturer/manager/booking agent/graphic designer/band fashion consultant/guitarist/VOCALIST started her music career as a solo singer/songwriter with a collection of introspective folk songs, many inspired by failed relationships. After college, she formed The Undercurrents as a musical backdrop for those songs. The band evolved into it’s own entity and took on a life of it’s own. You can hear the evolution of her songwriting when listening to her early songs released on her solo album “The Way Home”compared to such songs as “Hour After Hour”, the title track from the Undercurrents’ first album.

Phylshawn Johnson: master van packer/recording engineer/sound woman/label manager/secretary/background vocalist/DRUMMER extraordinaire is the only original member of the band, which means she gets extra points for putting up with Violet the longest. Johnson grew up listening to Tina Turner, The Police, Max Roach, Elvin Jones, and Curtis Mayfield, and their influences show in her music’s funky beats and rhythms. Phylshawn brings years of experience playing with bands of all different genres and styles, which has been a great influence on the formation and evolution of The Undercurrents. You can also see Phylshawn in other musical projects picking on the mandolin, guitar and bass and, if you’re lucky, singing her soulful heart out.

Caitlin Lukin: band skeptic/maker of jokes/band mom/reader of books/copy editor/public relations/CELLIST joined the Undercurrents after recording with Violet Vonder Haar on an EP of love songs, “Good Morning I Love You.” Her addition to the band has created beautiful melody lines and amplified low-end sounds that compliment both the acoustic and bass guitars. She draws influence from cello-driven bands like Pearl and the Beard, the Lumineers, and the Decemberists, but adds a twinge of Appalachian folk styling to the sound. It’s safe to say her decision to be a full-time Undercurrent was the right one.

Linda Bott: TBA

We Live in Public formed at the end of 2010 in Columbia, Missouri. Founding members Jaeson Day and Matt Olson were looking to form a full band to record a new batch of material they had been working on. They teamed up with fellow musicians Zach Denison and Devin Burrow, and within a month the band recorded its self-titled demo. WLIP comes armed with the unique ability to play everything from intimate acoustic sets to full-fledged rock shows. Employing a spicy blend of rock, funk, pop and blues, the group relies on powerful harmonies, danceable rhythms and clever songwriting to entice and entertain its audiences.

Molly Dog

Previously known as Neon Knight; Molly Dog is a band based out of Central Missouri that plays a unique and original set.

Alan Loshbaugh/Peter Nash - Bass
Brian Nash - Lead Guitar
Jake Hanselman - Drums
Jessy Johnsen - Guitar/Vocals



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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Violet & the Undercurrents with We Live in Public, Molly Dog

Friday, November 22 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Rose Music Hall