HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents

Paul "HR" Hudson is the legendary frontman of Bad Brains. Noted as the pioneers of hardcore punk, Bad Brains was formed in Washington DC in 1978. The band quickly developed a very fast and intense punk rock sound, which was both musically complex and developmentally ahead of its time. Since then, HR has become one of the most notorious, iconic, and memorable artists in the history of music. Throughout their career, HR and Bad Brains incorporated sounds of punk, reggae, heavy metal, and funk to the mix, making them known worldwide for not only their music, but also their exciting and high-energy shows where HR would dominate the crowd. The Village Voice described HR on stage at a Bad Brains show "like James Brown gone berserk, which a hyperkinetic repertoire of spins, dives, back-flips, splits, and skanks."

Bad Brains put out over fifteen albums throughout their career together, landing them as 99 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, and making HR 38 in Swindle Magazine's 100 Most Notable Icon's of our Generation. HR's solo career began in 1983 with the formation of the Human Rights, aka the HR Band, featuring Dave Byers, Kenny Dread, Jose Gonzales, and the Bad Brain's drummer and HR's brother, Earl Hudson. The band released several groundbreaking albums, including their sensational album, "It's About Luv/Keep Out of Reach." Bad Brains and the HR Band, using HR as a vehicle, were able to influence generations of music and people. His peers in the music industry also rave about his bands and his artistry. HR and Bad Brains released their last album "Build a Nation," produced by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, in 2007 to rave reviews.

HR is now ready to come back into the spotlight as a solo artist, with his new full length album "Hey Wella" to be released September 16, 2008. Though reggae is the main focus on HR's solo material, he showcases his musical genius, impressive singing, and dynamic performances by exploring the worlds of hardcore and hip-hop beats as well. This new album is HR's most recent contribution to fans everywhere and many agree is his best work of art to date. Music written by Grant "OG" Garretson (drums and guitar) and produced by a three time Grammy winner, David Darlington, "Hey Wella" is one of the most highly anticipated albums to be released in years.

The Unknown Woodsmen

Original tunes peppered with the soul, groove, and growl of Blues, Reggae, R&B, and Rock. Take a listen - you won't regret it.

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HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents with The Unknown Woodsmen

Saturday, January 25 · 7:00 PM at The Lost Horizon