The Wild Reeds, The Lonely Wild, Alto, The Diamond Light, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails from 7-9pm

The Wild Reeds are a quintet from Los Angeles CA, made up of three front women, and two gents on drums and bass. Their harmony-driven indie folk has a sound of its own, but has been compared to Fleet Foxes, Jenny Lewis, and classics such as Fleetwood Mac. Their live performances will transport you to somewhere timeless, all the while painting a picture of the perils of this generation.

With their full band debut album, “Blind and Brave” coming out early next year, you can expect a national tour. Catch The Wild Reeds December residency at the Satellite in Los Angeles, every Monday.

The Lonely Wild

With songs that blaze through the dusty American West, quickly-rising L.A. quintet The Lonely Wild stand poised to release their debut LP, “The Sun As It Comes.” The first single from the record, “Buried in the Murder,” is a fistfight of a tune, thrusting the growl of singer Andrew Carroll against the bombastic guitar freakouts of Andrew Schneider. The track seethes with boiling tension over a backdrop of stomps, claps and screams. Carroll’s voice swells from contemplation to utter outrage as he copes with the loss of innocence and being true to himself when all the odds are stacked against him. Drawing from personal experience, the songs that make up “The Sun As It Comes” are pulled from a collection built over the past three years.

In the fall of 2009, Carroll witnessed the death of his grandmother who had lost her battle with drug addiction, watched his band of six years dissolve, and at last married his longtime love. To cope with these moments of pain and bliss, Carroll began writing songs on solo, acoustic guitar. He would wake with a melody in his head, and finish a song by the end of that day. “It was a very liberating way to write,” he says, “Coming from my prior band experience, where songs were totally dependent on the collaboration of all the members, it was nice to be able to write for myself. It allowed me to be more direct and honest.”

But Carroll soon realized that his songs demanded a broader palate than one guitar and one voice. He wanted to create a sepia-toned world, a cracked landscape, a wind-torn desert. Enter multi-instrumentalist Ryan Ross, whose soaring trumpet and rumbling bass and organ bring drama and tension, guitarist Andrew Schneider, whose blistering twang colors the songs with his 60’s psychedelic-western flare, and drummers Edward Cerecedes, and later Dave Farina, whose thunderous tribal beats propel the songs soul-shaking precision. Jessi Williams’ lilting croon solidifies their signature sound built around male-female vocal harmonies.

Their first EP, “Dead End,” launched them on a national tour, earned them airplay on college radio staples, KXLU and KUT, and critical success. Of the EP, The L.A. Times writes, “[The Lonely Wild] rustles up rustic guitar pop that’s equal parts sweet harmonies and power chord bombast.” Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands L.A. says, “[Dead End] is five songs of aching Americana that will stay with you long after you’ve cried in your beer.” And Beat Crave writes, “The Lonely Wild have a sound like no other [...] the inexplicable heart and soul they put in their music is sure to have you hooked.”

Coming off the success of “Dead End,” The Lonely Wild headed to The Hangar Studios in Sacramento where they would live, eat, and sleep for a week, to record their first full-length album. Midway through the sessions, they woke to the devastating news that their head engineer’s father had died, forcing him to leave. The fate of the record seemed uncertain. A day short and with a new engineer, The Lonely Wild worked consecutive sixteen, eighteen and twenty-four hour days to produce an album filled with gut-wrenching emotion, fragile beauty, and explosive energy — a band on the brink of delirium. “It was a true labor of love,” Carroll says, “and a sheer force of will, that allowed us to finish this record. We all knew it was the most important artistic statement we had ever made, so we had to pull out all the stops.”

Upon finishing the record, the band headed to SXSW 2012, and returned home for the Jubilee and Make Music Pasadena festivals. The Lonely Wild will celebrate the release of their new single, “Buried in the Murder,” this September with a residency at The Satellite. “The Sun As It Comes,” is slated for release in “The Sun As It Comes,” is slated for release in April 2013.

Alto is an indie-folk band of three UCLA music school undergrads: Jessica Jones, Veronica Rogers, Nicolette Yarbrough. Jessica (bass) and Nicolette (violin) met at their freshman orientation in the fall of 2009 and began playing together soon after. In the last year they picked up Veronica (viola), and now often play with Joseph Lorge on guitar. Their instrumentation and unique sound has won them the Acoustic Coffee House battle of the bands contest and a Modesto Music Award nomination. Alto plays frequently in the UCLA community as well as in San Francisco and Modesto, and they are now recording an EP. Download their latest tracks at, and find them on Facebook at

The Diamond Light

Los Angeles based rock 'n' soul band The Diamond Light formed over long summers and weekly blues jams back in rural New Hampshire. Singer and guitarist Griffin Young began writing songs with drummer Ian Ochs almost ten years ago in Ian's father's band. Playing together in bars with their parents throughout high school, they eventually paired up with guitarist/vocalist Brian Stanley to form the final incarnation of The Diamond Light. In 2007, the band began to make their way West, with all of the members eventually landing in Southern California.

After many great TV placements and a celebrated self-titled full length album in 2013, The Diamond Light sold out their November residency at Los Angeles' storied venue, The Satellite. Riding a wave of recent success in their new home town, their newest EP "Vicious Visions" is due out in March 2015.


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The Wild Reeds, The Lonely Wild, Alto, The Diamond Light, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails from 7-9pm

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